The lawyer Igor Godetsky is going to have legal proceedings with the Svidok program

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Against the Svidok program are going to file a lawsuit. With the claim the lawyer Igor Godetsky threatens. This lawyer protects in Dneprovsky court of the capital of Victor Kovalchuk, the man who in January of last year on Patton Bridge brought down to death two inspectors of GAI and the tow truck driver. Mister Godetsky claims that "Svidk's" journalists prejudicedly and dishonestly shine events of this business, after all his client not drunk killed three people, and in an unconsciousness.

On previous, 26-е, meeting of Dneprovsky court the lawyer Igor Godetsky simply wasn't. As the second defender, the accused Victor Kovalchuk's brother, without valid excuse explained.

The lawyer allegedly simply didn't take the call. But mister Godetsky watched TV attentively and after viewing of the Svidok program sent to NTN the letter - the complaint. In it charges of twisting of the facts in the matter of Victor Kovalchuk, humiliation of honor, advantage and business reputation of the lawyer.

We managed to communicate to the lawyer only at his office - on three last court sessions mister Godetsky wasn't.

The lawyer is sure, against his client employees of GAI who left on a scene, the narcologist who performed Victor Kovalchuk's inspection, the judge Sergey Fedoseyev agreed.

Now "Svidok" which journalists prejudicedly shine this business joined plot also.

Igor Yuryevich is sure - his client killed three people not in an alcohol intoxication, and being absolutely sober. According to mister Godetsky, skilled militiamen couldn't distinguish a smell of the reek of alcohol, from a smell of the technical liquid poured on asphalt.

Igor Godetsky, Victor Kovalchuk's lawyer: "Some claim that heard an alcohol smell. And you saw photos? There brake and cooling liquid, which on alcohol is poured. Therefore that there is an alcohol smell on a place of road accident is usually".

Mister Godetsky speaks: the version "drunk at a wheel" is favorable to militia which tries to hide an office crime. According to him, the real criminals - the lost inspectors of GAI.

Igor Godetsky, Victor Kovalchuk's lawyer: "You didn't reflect:why they left to the place of registration of road accident and there the protocol wasn't found? Because they didn't make the protocol! And why? They wanted to hackney this first road accident or they didn't manage to make it".

The lawyer and conclusions of the narcologist who after accident examined Kovalchuk doubts. In examination it is written accurately down - the driver was in an alcohol intoxication.

Bargaining chip, according to mister Godetsky, - other examination, however, the lawyer forgot to specify that it made in 12 hours after accident. During this time alcohol could leave quietly an organism a natural way - Kovalchuk breathed, sweated, went on a wind, the liver worked for it.

Except sobriety of the client the lawyer proves that Kovalchuk - the sick person. Allegedly since the childhood I suffered convulsive losses of consciousness, and at any time it could have an attack.

Grigory Lopatin, lawyer: "It took the neighbor the witness who said that constantly he fainted, interrogated mother. Mother speaks: he on a ruler the pioneer fainted. Speaks: as it, son idiot. One moment it in army served in the 92nd year! You that put the son the disabled person in army? It acquired the rights in 98 years. And that you in MREO didn't tell what it is ill you? "

In court the accused declared that allegedly on Patton Bridge several times fainted and killed three people incidentally. It should be noted, however, that the fact of an illness "emerged" not during the investigation, and already in court, four months later.

The court summoned a medical card and Kovalchuk's private matter from policlinic and a military registration and enlistment office. But the word about systematic losses of consciousness there wasn't.

Grigory Lopatin, lawyer: "He impudently behaves. I come around on Patton Bridge, I see the sign "forty". I send speed to 40. On Patton Bridge in 12 nights, where cruiser "140". Then suddenly I begin втрачаты свидомисть and the body falls. The judge asks a question: And that the car started going at reckless speed? ! He says: I when втратыв свидомисть, fall down and a foot I press on gas. Well, all laughed. It everything is on record - the audio writes. Speak: you that, fighters saw enough? So he and speaks: and you that, didn't see the American fighters where the person slides and presses on gas? "

During court sessions at the request of the lawyer Godetsky two expertizes - one permanently in Pavlov's hospital, another - in a forensic medical examination were carried out. Both accurately established: Victor Kovalchuk - the healthy person and on Patton Bridge didn't faint.However such result didn't satisfy Igor Yuryevich, he demands the third examination.

Meanwhile the defender Gaishnikov says that the end could be put last year in April, but Godetsky simply plays for time. Consideration lasts 19 months. Passed 27 meetings. On the last three lawyer I wasn't. Speaks: for a good reason.

Sergey Fedoseyev, judge of Dneprovsky court of Kiev: "The court session passed 29.08 with 10-ти hours of 29 minutes to 10-ти hours of 34 minutes, that is within 5 minutes the defender Godetsky was on a court session in Shevchenkovsky court. And our business was appointed at 12:00. That is for an hour and a half from Shevchenkovsky court the defender Godetsky didn't reach".

The last meeting in Shevchenkovsky court had to take place 9-го September at two o'clock in the afternoon. Mister Godetsky too didn't come to it.

If the judge Fedoseyev decides that the reason not the valid - can discharge the lawyer of Kovalchuk's business, and Igor Yuryevich's further destiny will be decided by the disciplinary commission.

Andrey Avtorgov, vice-chairman of the Kiev regional Bar: "There is a disciplinary chamber which considers, whether really the lawyer was on a court session without valid excuse, or it had good reasons which the court ignored. Only having come to conclusion that the lawyer wasn't for a good reason on a court session, the disciplinary chamber kvalifikatsionno - the disciplinary commission can make the decision on the prevention, a stop of action of the lawyer or strict punishment - on license cancellation to such lawyer".

The following consideration of the case is appointed on 17-е September.


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