State ecoinspection intends to suspend work "Lukoil - the Odessa oil refinery"

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The state ecological inspection of Odessa region intends to suspend activity of JSC Lukoil — the Odessa Oil Refinery and to bring its management to trial. As transfers the UNIAN, it was declared on September 14 on enlarged meeting of the deputy commission on ecology and emergency situations of the Odessa City Council by the acting chief of State ecoinspection Oleg Vakhrushev.

According to him, "the management of oil refinery led extremely inadequately, without having allowed on September 11 specialists of State ecoinspectorate and санэпидемслужб on the enterprise territory. Thereby they violated not only the nature protection law, but also the contract between State ecoinspection and plant. The management of the enterprise has no right, especially in an emergency ecological situation, not to start up ecological inspection on the enterprise for researches, - Vakhrushev emphasized. - Ecological inspection nevertheless managed to take place on the enterprise, but already by means of prosecutor's office".

It didn't exclude that "for concealment of information on ecological and sanitary danger representatives of administration of JSC Lukoil — the Odessa Oil Refinery headed by Alexey Kovalenko, can be brought to trial". "Now check at oil refinery proceeds and will last some more days", - the head of State ecoinspection told.

The head of department of ecology of JSC Lukoil — the Odessa Oil Refinery Alexander Zakhvatkin, in turn, noted that "the oil refinery is the regime enterprise therefore in the evening and at night on the enterprise without maintenance there can't pass representatives any services".

The chairman of the constant deputy commission on ecology and emergency situations of the Odessa city council Vyacheslav of KRUK emphasized that "to allow on the enterprise of experts at the emergency situation which has arisen on September 11, was in interests of the management of plant, however the management to itself created problems. "When all city choked, it was possible to dispel doubts that it not oil refinery emissions", - was noted by V.KRUK.We will remind, today, on September 15, the chief of the Odessa management of ecosafety Igor Derboglav declared at a briefing in the City Council that "JSC Lukoil — the Odessa Oil Refinery was a source of chemical pollution and an unpleasant smell on streets and in houses on September 9-12.

"Exact data that a source of air pollution by hydrogen sulfide is the oil refinery, are received by specialists of management on September 11 when concentration of hydrogen sulfide in air exceeded norm by 2,8 times", - emphasized Derboglav. On September 12 this indicator made 1,75 mg on cubic meter on perimeter of the territory of JSC Lukoil — the Odessa Oil Refinery, he reminded. Also I added that the accident fact at plant was admitted on September 9 by the dispatcher of oil refinery, and attempt of a denial of conclusions of environmental professionals on the basis of laboratory researches can testify only that "Lukoil" simply "doesn't want to assume responsibility for consequences".

At the same time, according to him, "the city hall has no exact information that at oil refinery ammonia which also was recorded in air is used in any technological processes. The special commission of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies led by vice-the mayor Vakhtangi Ubiriya didn't come yet to a final conclusion as additional documents on ammonia use in productions" aren't received.

Дербоглав specified that environmental protection regional management also finishes incident investigation with chemical pollution of the atmosphere of Odessa and on the basis of the data recorded by experts, probably, will inflict penalties on responsible for incident. However, it didn't exclude that responsible can be made and other organizations if the lawful bases are found.


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