Fall. Time of political schizophrenics

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Fall. Time of political schizophrenics

I though strangle,
don't trustwhen in snivels from a sentimentality
sings to me songs about love
chorus of unvoiced impotent men.
Igor Guberman

Not for nothing say that in the spring and there is an exacerbation of various chronic diseases in the fall. Political schizophrenia - not an exception. Main, or, in other words, a top - a subject of the last days - possible early elections in the Verkhovna Rada. That the demkoalition shamefully stopped the existence, already at anybody doesn't raise doubts. Whether there will be a new coalition between, apparently, still yesterday irreconcilable political enemies, personally at me raises big doubts.

And that BYuT and Regions together situationally voted for some laws, still means nothing, more precisely, means only one - to show to figures from the Secretariat of the president that there played a little. And as figures from the Secretariat directly submit Most, and to show it which - that …

For example that, as Litvin can be necessary to the country, and it already something. And all these requirements "our Ukraine" about support of their statement for Georgia, horror stories about the Crimea, if something happens - all this very few people touch statements for the power scenario. However, in Lviv supporters already managed to face is white - warm and orange, but also very few people already touch it, except political schizophrenics. Fall, aggravation …

And here the act of the People's Deputy from Svyatoslav Vakarchuk's NUNS (is that sings at "Elza's Ocean") sincerely pleased. The guy found a civic courage in himself and wrote the application for addition of deputy powers. Got the person … Ruslan Lyzhichko, by the way, in general I refused to participate in elections-2007 and it I deserved sincere respect of thousands of her adorers. Here if all good singers, musicians, doctors, security guards, cleaners and miners would follow Vakarchuk's example, and would be engaged in that is closer to them, to liking, maybe, and would earn parliament. Though, I can't warrant, the policy tightens very strongly. Besides the social component of a deputatstvo is still enough strong.

By the way, about Georgia, is more true - consequences.In very western, very respectable, very NATO country of Estonia two local farms (!) declared themselves the Estonian Soviet republic and ask Russia to recognize their independence. Inhabitants of farms created the Soviet government which part the Russian communists (here ubiquitous, - a bus), arrived to "ESSR" were also, and also created "a national militia", armed with firearms and urged to protect borders of new "state" where boundary posts are already established.

And when newly made "Soviet" understood that seriously nobody perceives them and doesn't react to similar tricks, they right there declared that the Estonian authorities try "to smoke" "Soviet" in the Jesuit way, without uniform shot, having installed near farms any confidential wave weapon directed on the territory of "ESSR". Nonsense, you will tell? By no means, it only began. Soon houses we will start gemmating.

With big surprise I met the message that, appears, in Ukraine the total of generals exceeds number of all generals in all European countries. The peace Ukrainian state produces generals in a name "friendship and the world", probably? Or in the NATO countries where for us very much "wait", with such speed appropriate extraordinary military highest ranks? And at us general stars are handed over by packs to the staff of SBU, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, MO.

And, judging by publications in mass media, decrees about assignment in the majority - confidential not to irritate. And most the situation with the chief security guard of the President - Valery Geletey scandalously looks. This worthy person surpassed in the career growth of all and set up a peculiar record, in three years having risen at once by three ranks: having met 2005 in a colonelcy, it added every year on one general star on shoulder straps: the general - the major, the general - the lieutenant, and became the general - the colonel about three weeks ago. By the way, not so scandalously, but in due time "military" career of dear Vladimir Mikhaylovich Litvin who during the management of Administration of the President of Kuchma not only ahead of schedule became the lieutenant colonel, and then the colonel of SBU, but also "the participant of operations" in Yugoslavia looked not less interestingly.

But the brother of Vladimir Litvin who is the commander of Border troops, received already now the highest military rank "general".The same rank of the general is appropriated also to the internal troops commander of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Alexander Kikhtenko and if not the Minister of Internal Affairs who has confirmed this information in mass media, anybody about it wouldn't learn because the decree of the President about assignment also was secret.

In general, a strange situation with army if not to tell - ridiculous. So many years reduced army, and after the Georgian events suddenly decided to stop reduction of number of military structure, the highest officer ranks, and, at the same time, all country began to appropriate hears that the army doesn't suffice money, soldiers - almost couldn't be fed, warehouses of ammunition blow up "from a heat" …

And recently the chairman of regional council Ivano - Frankovsk which declared that wants to contemplate on our streets the Ukrainian tanks, instead of that in Georgia on TV acted. What did he mean? Or perhaps it too any confidential general? So, just in case?

Fall. Time of political schizophrenics. And soon winter. Gas, heating … That will be …

Igor Pokh


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