Zhvaniya suspect of espionage activity in favor of Russia? !

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The new sensation becomes ripe in the Ukrainian politicum, and it is connected not with a new format of the coalition or early elections, and with the People's Deputy, the member of the "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" block David Zhvaniya. However, it is necessary to recognize that the materialization of possibility of association in the "unnatural" coalition of BYuT and Party of Regions shaded one of the largest scandals of the last time, namely, - prospect of deprivation of the People's Deputy of Ukraine from WELL - David Zhvaniya's NANOSECOND of the Ukrainian nationality a little.

Meanwhile, the correspondent of MIGnews.com.ua managed to communicate to a reliable source which told that in the case of Zhvaniya there were new "subject lines" - law enforcement agencies check information concerning David Vazhayevich's participation in personnel structure of intelligence services of the Russian Federation as a special operational reserve. Allegedly one of meetings with participation of the former head of Security service of Ukraine Igor Smeshko, David Zhvaniya and the head of Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation of that time Nikolay Patrushev on which questions of preservation of monopoly of supply of the Russian fuel on the Ukrainian nuclear power plants were discussed became an occasion for this purpose. Though, obviously, such reason was not only …

Details of this expeditious development are inaccessible today, but under this corner on - new already known facts of "a vital and labor way" sponsor of "National self-defense" are read. Well, for example, that fact that in 90-x years David Zhvaniya's giving in Zhukovka near Moscow was in close proximity with giving the director of FSB of the Russian Federation Mikhail Barsukov. Any wonderfully, but the Brinkford corporation in which Zhvaniya, as he said, was only a manager, instead of the owner, delivers fuel elements (nuclear fuel) for the Ukrainian nuclear power plants.Thus the Brinkford company created such conditions which excluded possibility of independent production by Ukraine of nuclear fuel. Agree, rather suspicious stroke for the businessman coming into political force which associates with allegedly "the anti-Russian course".

On - to another scandal with "kidnapping" of the former candidate for president of the Russian Federation Ivan Rybkin is read also. We will remind that Rybkin was in due time one of Vladimir Putin's competitors at presidential election. It is obvious that about real presidential prospects in Russia Rybkina it was possible to dream only, but was considered that his participation in election campaign of 2004 could make of Rybkin rather powerful figure of the Russian opposition - or, at least, a legitimate loud-hailer for declaration of certain ideas, charges, etc.

However, Rybkin's mysterious "kidnapping" in Kiev gave up as a bad job on February 5, 2004 his political career. Still nobody knows that then in Kiev happened to Rybkin. Allegedly it arrived to the Ukrainian capital for a meeting with representatives then still the incumbent president of Chechnya Aslan Maskhadov, allegedly him here "kidnapped" and under drugs kept some days.

The result of this mysterious history is well-known - on March 5 Ivan Rybkin acted from an electoral race. For us this history is important that David Vazhayevich Zhvaniya and his assistant Igor Kovzel were the main persons involved in "stealing" in Kiev the candidate for President of Russia. They provided a meeting and Rybkin's finding in Kiev. Later in the press repeatedly called Rybkin's elimination by FSB "special operation", - especially after on the Internet there were listings of conversations of Zhvaniya with the disgraced oligarch Boris Berezovsky about stay in Kiev Rybkina. But the sheaf question "FSB - Zhvaniya" whereas - that seriously wasn't considered (not least from - for Zhvaniya's belongings to the Ukrainian opposition).

In the same 2004 in Ukraine one more special operation on elimination from an electoral race of one more candidate for president - the truth, not nominal, but real, and not Russia, and Ukraine will be carried out. And again suspicions on FSB, and again one of the main persons involved in this case - David Zhvaniya.About Victor Yushchenko's David Zhvaniya's comments of poisoning, I think, to remind the liyena - these versions in Zhvaniya's lips evolved from the organization of attempt by Yulia Timoshenko to a cynical denial of poisoning, but now raises doubts where there was its own position and where relaying of others installations.

In conversation with the author of this material one of heads of an average link Kiev SBU peculiar reacted to a question concerning David Zhvaniya. Pier, it still doesn't understand why Zhvaniya so resists to deprivation of his Ukrainian nationality. After all deprivation of nationality is David Zhvaniya's rescue from criminal prosecution on high treasons. "While it has a parliamentary immunity, Zhvaniya can sleep peacefully, and further for David Zhvaniya there can come hard times".


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