The story how Raphael Vaagnovich with Nikolay Stepanovich

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On September 23 on "" interview of the president of Prometey concern Raphael Goroyan was placed.

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" I interested the answer of the businessman to one of questions. We give a fragment from interview:

"- By the way, about the power. Than your sensational opposition with area prosecutor's office ended?

- We managed to find mutual understanding. The subject big, separate and interesting, deserves the detailed story.

While I will tell one: I managed to defend interests of the business and to protect myself just because wasn't afraid and didn't hide. Open, public fight of our enterprise against injustice became precedent in Nikolaev, and, probably, and in Ukraine and - bore fruit.

Probably, the main achievement in other: my acquaintances and colleagues understood that it is possible and to defend under our conditions the truth and to win. I think, we yet time will hear about similar situations. And one more result, though indirect of which I am proud. In the interviews I several times blamed of local government a lawlessness on the Black Sea coast which was seized exclusively in rent by the ASS state of emergency mysterious firm as the press reported, - with the connivance of the governor and the prosecutor of the region.

My indignation many businessmen, mass media supported, the public.

The protest of prosecutor's office of area then, I am sure became result of such solid actions, the coast again becomes our general property.

It after all also is patriotism not in words, and in practice - to protect interests of the earth on which you live".

"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" Raphael Vaagnovich's position interested. According to him, it and area "found mutual understanding" prosecutor's office. However until recently "the honest businessman" claimed in other interview that the only way of reconciliation with prosecutor's office is to bribe. Or is more true, "to share a share". We provide his words:

"… In conversation with the militia management to me gave "friendly" advice - to be reconciled with mister Stoyanov, to find with it a common language. That means - to give a share in business". (Raphael Goroyan:WITHOUT THE RIGHTS? )

It turns out, Nikolay Stoyanov has now a share in Raphael Goroyan's business?

Besides, the position of law enforcement agencies is interesting also. After all on mister Goroyan some criminal cases, including upon raiding and a fake of the military ID were opened. However it about further destiny of these criminal cases it isn't known. Moreover, Goroyan claims that "any criminal case isn't registered for him".

Then as with them Raphael Vaagnovich "agreed"?

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