Homeless inhabitants of the Nikolaev area prefer "to winter" in Nikolaev

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On September 24 in Head department of work and social protection of the population of the regional state administration meeting of regional coordination council took place at the regional state administration on execution of the regional program of social adaptation of homeless citizens and the persons released from places of imprisonment, for 2007-2010

About it it is reported on the official site Nikolaev YEAH.

In the Nikolaev area for adaptation and social protection of homeless citizens such establishments function:

· The receiver - the distributor for the persons detained for vagrancy, Managements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area, calculated on the 30th bed - places;

· Special office for lonely citizens of aged age and the disabled people released from places of imprisonment, on the basis of the Luparevsky psychoneurological boarding school of system of social protection of the population, calculated on the 20th bed - мет;

· The Nikolaev city shelter for persons without the certain residence, calculated on the 50th bed - places.

In the oseena - the winter period for the purpose of the prevention of overcooling and freezing of homeless citizens with support of raygorupravleniye of work and social protection of the population of Yuzhnoukrainsk, Voznesensk, Berezansky, Zhovtnevy, Ochakov and May Day areas at hospitals social chambers for temporary stay of homeless citizens functioned.

At managements of work and social protection the population Bashtansky, Bereznegovatsky, Novobugsky, Domanyovsky, Krivoozyorsky areas and Pervomaisk during the winter period rooms of night stay which provided with warm clothes, food and beds of persons without a certain residence functioned. Rooms are calculated on the 20th bed - places. These establishments at the expense of means of local budgets contain.

Positive example of work in the direction of reintegration of homeless citizens and social adaptation of the persons released from places of imprisonment, is creation of the regional center of the accounting of homeless citizens. The question of its financing from the regional budget is solved also.

The center carried out the analysis of the contingent of homeless citizens. The greatest number of persons without a certain residence stays in Nikolaev, and also in the cities of regional value - Yuzhnoukrainsk, Voznesensk and Pervomaisk. As for rural areas, here homeless citizens aren't present, however scheduled maintenance with socially unreliable persons who abuse alcoholic drinks and drugs is constantly carried out.

During monitoring it became clear that the majority of homeless citizens - citizens aged from 31 till 60 years (61% of total). The main reason for which these people appeared in difficult circumstances, housing sale (28%), 7% - the conflicts in a family, 5% - divorce is.

Since the activity beginning (since October, 2006) the Nikolaev regional center of the accounting of homeless citizens registered 2379 homeless citizens who are in the area territory, including 1927 men and 452 women. From them 631 persons of able-bodied age, 211 persons released from places of imprisonment, 86 disabled people, 129 citizens of old age.

For the entire period of work the center to 149 persons restored passports, 353 persons are registered to the legal address of the center, 297 are sent to the employment centers, 3 are arranged on accommodation, 29 are directed on treatment. Besides, 7 citizens were given help in purpose of pension, 3 - in disability establishment, 23 persons were given opportunity of receiving the state help.

Also 140 people are sent to houses - boarding schools, a shelter for persons without a certain residence, stationary offices for continuous accommodation of lonely disabled citizens, 124 persons were given monetary and natural help for total amount of 2,4 thousand UAH


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