For "the coalition of three" WELL - the NANOSECOND doesn't suffice 7 voices

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To evening of Sunday of 30 of 72 members of WELL-NANOSECOND fraction subscribed for coalition creation with BYuT and Blok of Litvin.

Still 7 signatures are required, writes on Monday "Business".

It is known that leaders of the small parties which are a part of the WELL-NANOSECOND block, on Friday showed discontent that the leader of fraction Vyacheslav Kirilenko breaks negotiations with "byutovets" and "litvinovets" on coalition creation.

After discussions at fraction meetings the group of official negotiators with BYuT grew to 9 deputies - on one from each party entering the WELL-NANOSECOND block.

At the same time deputies - "nasheukrainets" started collecting signatures for coalition creation as a part of three. As the decision is made by the majority in fraction, 37 signatures in that case are necessary.

After that signed, irrespective of opinion of other "nasheukrainets", will be able to agree together with BYuT with Vladimir Litvin. Previously that already agreed to entry into the coalition.

The head of WELL-NANOSECOND fraction showed discontent with an initiative of the colleagues and called it "unofficial". At the same time, the deputy Vladimir Aryev who is responsible for petition, is confident in legality of this idea. "Signatures are legitimate. If 37 signatures, so the decision are made", - Aryev declared.

Earlier negotiators from "WELL - NANOSECOND" - Vyacheslav Kirilenko and Roman Zvarich - exposed BYuT some conditions for coalition renewal. Among the main: adoption of the rigid resolution on the Georgian - to the Russian conflict and cancellation of laws which deprived of the president of part of powers.

However by the end of last week, according to the edition, conditions changed a little. In particular, there was a requirement to cancel plenary week from September 29 to October 3, to enter criminal liability for denial of the Holodomor and to cancel parliamentary immunity.

"I asked "nasheukrainets", whether their fraction will be able to vote for cancellation of parliamentary immunity in full strength. I think, after the incident with the deputy Zhvaniya "National self-defense" won't vote", - Andrey Kozhemyakin (BYUT) told the newspaper.

Besides many in the WELL-NANOSECOND block were revolted by the fact of submission of offers only from Our Ukraine party without coordination with other parties entering into fraction."And the others that, not people? " - Karmazin questions.

BYuT and part of dissatisfied "nasheukrainets" are sure: the president and his secretariat play for time till October 3. If to this date the coalition isn't created, the president will issue the decree about carrying out early elections for December 14.

However rebelled "nasheukrainets" can break the scenario with early elections, notes the edition.


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