Lutsenko told about "cleaning" of the Kharkov militia

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In Kharkov for two months there is a serious operation on identification of those who distributes drugs, and their organizers.

The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko reported about it in interview of the UNIAN.

According to him, in the city a number of resonant detentions of drug dealers from in bulk narcotic substances took place.

As Lutsenko reported, internal security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs takes measures for clarification of militia ranks from those, someone stayed idle, or, "betraying interests of service, cover a drug mafia".

In particular, according to the minister, there is "maximum "cleaning" of internal security of General Directorate of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kharkov, a number of employees of department of fight against a drug trafficking and, naturally will be dismissed, prompt actions concerning organizers of drug traffic" will be carried out further.

As Lutsenko claims, "in materials quickly - search business Dobkin and Kernes's surnames (the mayor of Kharkov Mikhail Dobkin and the secretary of the Kharkov City Council Gennady Kernes) meet, but criminal cases against the called citizens don't exist today".

Lutsenko also disproved hearings about provocations during carrying out operation from militia (in particular, Dobkin declared that the militia prepares provocations against it). "Categorically I disprove any insinuations about it", - the minister declared.

"We act accurately within the legislation. That it is more, all our actions are coordinated with bodies of prosecutor's office which won't allow illegal actions of militia and the more so concerning such high-ranking officials", - Lutsenko added.

Making comments, in particular, on the message in some mass media that one of detainees narcotic substances threw, Lutsenko told: "Tossing of half a kilogram of heroin... it can be imagined only in an awful dream. Try to imagine where the militia will store such amount of heroin? ".

It is known that before Lutsenko declared that he "has a question" concerning activity of city heads of Kiev, Kharkov and some other cities. According to the minister, law enforcement agencies watch activity of mayors of the listed cities and don't hide it.

Last week it was reported that in Kharkov a number of the big drug dealers involved in the organization of drug traffic in Kharkov and the organization of a drug traffic through the territory of Ukraine and a number of neighboring states is detained. Among detainees, in particular, one of the most wholesale merchants drugs in Eastern Europe - Anatoly D. during detention from it withdrew more than 1,5 kg of heroin.

In general within special operation on neutralization of channels of the East Ukrainian drug traffic, according to a source, over 10 persons are detained. Pressure detained for avoidance and influence on them at local level are under the strengthened protection in Kiev and give testimony in which, according to the source, "very known persons" appear.

In March of this year at BP committee on fight against the organized crime and corruption the working group on investigation of participation in drug traffic to law enforcement agencies of the Kharkov area and other officials of Kharkov - in particular, Dobkina and Kernes was created.


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