In Konotop 10 - summer girls made two... three robberies in a row!

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To tell that the crime looks younger, - means nothing to tell. Sometimes, offenders become almost from the cradle. In any case, such idea suggests to recent incident in Konotop where on suspicion in robberies two were detained 10 - summer girls.

On Monday, March 31 when I already gathered home after classes in a dancing circle, - one of victims, the second-grader Vladik tells, - two girls came into a locker room and began to examine me attentively. Then I again saw them when went home on a minibus. I left at the stop and went to the house. And here these girls caught up with me - and one began to hold me, and another - to rummage a hand on pockets...

At this boy young ill-minded women selected the mobile phone. The similar history happened to two pupils of initial classes. One gathered on the way from music school, and another - right after lessons in general education. And though the sums of the caused damage, generally - that, were insignificant, the fact remains - similar actions from the point of view of the Criminal code are regarded as a robbery.

Militiamen quickly established culprits and detained. Schoolmates Sveta and Alina, which on only 10 years appeared them.

- Despite so early age, girls proved real "professionals", - the specialist of service for children of the Konotopsky City Council Natalya Rasputko notes, - after all they that is called "conducted" the victims. Tracked down, chose time and an attack place, generally, worked prudently.

Interestingly, who taught them to it?

Light and Alyn were brought up without fathers. Alina's mother went on earnings to Russia and the daughter left under supervision of the grandmother. So long time the girl, in fact, was provided to herself. Sveta has a bit different situation, her mother - the parishioner of one of so-called churches. With the children I tried to be extremely strict, I forbade a lot of things to them. It isn't excluded that the similar behavior of the girl is a peculiar protest against a ban.

To school both went regularly, but studied reluctantly.According to teachers, often were with outstanding homeworks. Therefore the class teacher detained them more than once after lessons. On numerous requests to leave girls both mothers refused an after-school club, referring to shortage of money as at school it is necessary to pay for dinners. Generally, girls still had a lot of free time - and they found to themselves "occupation".

It is interesting that at school to Sveta and Alina's behavior of special remarks wasn't. Girls didn't misbehave, didn't steal. Here only kept aloof, communicated only the friend with a druzhka.

According to teachers, a problem that mothers didn't pay to education of daughters sufficient attention and didn't react to remarks of teachers. These women didn't visit PTA meetings.

Though, from the point of view of the law, Sveta and Alina committed a serious crime, and repeatedly, they yet didn't reach age from which there comes criminal liability therefore punishment yet doesn't threaten them. And here mothers should indemnify to victims the caused loss. And Sveta and Alina are placed in a shelter.

- To us children from 3 to 18 years which escaped from the house or educational institution get, are on the tramp or were lost, and also thrown by the parents, remained without guardianship and many others, - the tutor - the methodologist of the Konotopsky shelter for children Tatyana Gudymenko explains. - Here they are till that time, their status, but no more than 3 months won't become clear yet. Then children return in a family or arrange in a boarding school. As for these girls, that, according to the internal schedule, seven days they will be on quarantine while they will be not examined by the doctor and won't make all necessary analyses. At this time with them the tutor and the psychologist will be individually engaged. And then girls will transfer to the general group. How many they will stay in a shelter - while it is hard to say. It will depend and on their behavior, and on behavior of their parents.

Alina's mother agrees that the daughter remained in a shelter before her arrival from Russia. And here Sveta's mother considers that stay in a shelter - insufficiently strict punishment for her daughter. But not in punishment an essence.

The main thing that girls and their mothers drew from the incident the correct conclusions and communication with the Criminal code more never spoiled their biographies.


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