"National self-defense" urges to deprive of P. Lazarenko of the Ukrainian nationality.

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The civil movement "National Self-defense" addresses to the vice-chairman of the Secretariat of the president Igor Pukshin, "which, according to him, instantly reacts to any information on the Internet and took a hard line concerning a nationality problem", all are necessary to take measures and to submit for consideration a question of deprivation of nationality ex-the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Pavel Lazarenko. About it it is told in the statement "National self-defense", extended a press - block service.

The fact of receiving P. Lazarenko of nationality of the Republic of Panama is proved in court of the United States of America, and its Panama passport is filed to criminal case which was investigated in the USA. Besides, P. Lazarenko already throughout a long time doesn't live in the territory of Ukraine, and lives in the USA where has real estate and means of livelihood, authors of the statement note.

"In the matter we hope for I.Pukshin's same adherence to principles which it showed concerning the People's Deputy of Ukraine, the member of "National self-defense" David Zhvaniya. "National self-defense" at the order also has the whole list of politicians, People's Deputies of Ukraine, heads of local governments, businessmen who are citizens of other states, but for obvious reasons modestly suppress it", - is told in the statement.


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