The security guard of the Nikolaev shop of building materials will be responsible for the stolen bathtub and a wash basin under the law

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Recently in one of shops of the construction materials belonging to a known network of supermarkets, there was an incident.

During the period from June to October from department of bathroom equipment goods for total amount about 7 thousand UAH were stolen. Having found theft, the management of shop addressed with the corresponding statement in bodies of militia. However information on incident quickly scattered among employees, and it unexpectedly brought result: next day after the statement one of security guards confessed in theft.

As it became clear, in May of this year in night of its watch the security guard stole a ceramic wash basin from shop and. bathtub. As the security guard managed to take out the stolen wash basin clearly, but here how it managed to take out a 100-kg bathtub, remains to unknown. It is unlikely he managed to do without assistants, however the security guard came cap in hand one. The purposes of its crime are also interesting: whether it stole goods with a sales objective or, maybe, at his place there was a repair, and the new bathroom equipment was necessary to it?

Anyway the detainee is threatened by the measure of restraint provided by Art. 185 of UK of Ukraine - "Theft of personal property".


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