Josef Fritzl's ideal crime

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The crime of the Austrian businessman Josef Fritzl (Josef Fritzl), within 24 years holding locked up own daughter, became possible thanks to gaps in system of the Austrian criminal law.

About that Josef Fritzl stayed in the late sixties 18 months in prison for rape, provincial Amshtetten's almost each inhabitant knew. Nevertheless when in 1984 Josef declared loss of the daughter, later when he submitted an application for guardianship of own grandsons, this fact of its biography didn't cause suspicion in representatives of the authorities. Why? Yes because by then these data were already removed from a judicial card file: according to the legislation, they have to be stored only 10 years!

And only 10 days which have passed after Josef Fritzl's dreadful crime emerged, it was required to the Austrian legislators to understand: the criminal system demands revision. On May 7 the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Internal Affairs of Austria submitted the new bill, urged to close gaps in system of the criminal law, opened with Fritzl's business.

In particular, the bill provides that data on crimes have to be stored in a legal card file till 30 years. And the data, concerning serious sexual crimes, shouldn't be removed from it at all. Besides, to data on crimes on the sexual soil access not only police, but also social instances will have. Thereby ministers hope in the future to avoid cases of providing the rights for guardianship to the people who were earlier brought to court for such crimes.

At the same time being expected toughening of punishment for sexual crimes won't follow: as the Minister of Justice Maria Berger (Maria Berger) declared, the law in force providing till 15 years of imprisonment for rape, is adequate.

Thus, Fritzl will receive for 24 - a summer imprisonment of the daughter in a cellar of at most 15 years - in case the police doesn't manage to prove that given rise in a cellar in 1996 the child died owing to negligent attitude of the father. The head of department of criminal police of the earth the Bottom Austria Franz Polzer (Franz Polzer) in interview to the Niedersterreichische Nachrichten newspaper showed the indignation:"I was below, in Josef Fritzl's dungeon. It is simply awful when you imagine that it created there within 24 years with the relatives. And such here will receive for it at most 15 years - because I don't believe that murder will be able to prove! " Certainly, and 15 years for 73 - the summer man - term big: quite probably, they will appear the last years his lives. Nevertheless the incommensurability of a crime and punishment are obvious.

The investigation of case of Fritzl as Poltser assumes, can borrow about six months, and date of a court session will be appointed yet soon. But already now it is known that crime victims on it won't be present: in court protocols of their indications will be submitted. The former captives decided to relieve of need again to meet the father - the tyrant - almost the only thing, than justice can please them at present.

Ideal crime? Perhaps. After all don't agree to bring the tyrant the daughter Kirstin to hospital, leave he it to die in a cellar as allowed in 1996 - m to die to one of the children - and that Josef kept in a cellar own daughter with three children, anybody wouldn't learn! But we will ask a question how there was possible an ideal crime? After all business here not in "the genius of the master" rather not only in it. On provincial Amshtetten as if the veil which зашорила views of his inhabitants - so as a result all of them are present in the picture representing an ideal crime, - taken with affairs or conversations with the criminal would fall, they don't notice that that presses a foot to asphalt a victim throat.

In this history there are no heroes, there are only victims, the criminal and "not noticing" - those, with blinkered look. Among the last and police which in far 1984 - m didn't notice strangenesses in Elisabeth's who allegedly has joined a community of sectarians disappearance. It and representatives of the authorities, not found time to deal with continuous emergence in the house Frittslya of "foundlings". And inhabitants of the neighboring houses who in paints narrate today to journalists that Josef was known for it as the tyrant who has stayed in prison and the tiranichny personality.

But one question doesn't go in at all: how it was possible that in number "not noticing" appeared both the wife, and children of Josef living in the house? Within long years they suspected nothing about its double life.Than he explained the continuous stay in a cellar and why the wife and children had no access to this room? Besides, let it not to draw attention, bought products for captives outside the city, it as - that carried by them in a cellar! After all in couple of sandwiches which could be hidden for a bosom, you won't support four captives. How this long-term practice could remain unnoticed? It can't understand in any way and the investigators working in the matter of Fritzl. And, though Rosemarie's non-participation doesn't raise at them doubts, Josef's wife soon are going to interrogate in details again.


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