Vladimir Shuba couldn't commit suicide!

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Those years when Vladimir Shuba was the prosecutor of ARC, the militia of the peninsula was headed by Gennady Moskal who is now nardepy and one of leaders of "National self-defense". In some years these people were crossed for the second time - in Dnepropetrovsk. We asked Gennady Gennadiyevich to tell about the versions of the tragedy.

- They say that Vladimir Shuby had many enemies. Leading mass media published more than once sharp statements of politicians and businessmen to the prosecutor of Dnepropetrovsk. Whether someone could wish it death? And maybe, even to organize its murder?

- I called to Dnepropetrovsk to the acquaintances who it is aware of the incident. They are sure: it - not murder. And I see it. You know, in operating time I specialized in militia on disclosure of resonant murders. Also I feel when it is possible to speak about a crime and when for this purpose there are no bases.

- And whether Vladmir Shuba could not sustain pressure (if remember, him even of murder accused! ) and to commit suicide?

- It is excluded. Vladimir Shuba was very strong and integral personality. It passed a lot of things in the life: both dismissals, and persecutions, and threats. I got used to live in epicenter of events and I understood that, being the prosecutor, it is necessary to sew the mass of enemies. Therefore such I treated troubles quite quietly.

- In other words, you consider the incident as accident?

- Yes. Similar stories on hunting or firing practice (especially during weapon adjustment fire) happen very often. Simply similar facts are widely publicized, only if such known people appear in them, as the Fur coat or Kushnarev. I won't deny that Vladimir Shuba loved the weapon. And in a shooting gallery I dropped in, and on hunting I went. I remember how in the Crimea he received at us in a militia central board the nominal gun. But in it there is nothing surprising - it should have the weapon according to a post.


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