Lutsenko asks Yushchenko not to play with the weapon

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The Minister of Internal Affairs urged the country leaders to stop retraction of power structures in political opposition before early elections.

Yury Lutsenko accused officials of the secretariat of the President and Security service of Ukraine of provocations which can terminate in bloodshed. "I consider the latest events unprecedentedly shameful for the state as a whole. The course on usurpation of the judicial authority, taken by officials Bank, is inadmissible for any civilized state. Judges earlier rigidly criticized but that without decision of the Ministry of Justice them ousted or liquidated the whole courts are a nonsense", - the minister emphasized.

According to him, according to the law "About Militia", courts have to be protected only by divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, instead of forces of Management of the state protection. Lutsenko noted also that march - throws of members of spetsnaz of UGO to the state objects which are protected by militia, provoke armed conflict between power divisions. "Recently we detained several fighters of "Alpha" who tried to enter the building of District appellate court with the weapon. In addition, employees of UGO repeatedly tried to get on objects protected by militia. Being afraid for the safety, some employees of court asked
to strengthen protection, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs it made according to the legislation", - the head of power department added.

The minister declared also that the President issued the decree obliging internal troops to give help to UGO on safety of the Central Election Commission, the State Office of Public Prosecutor, the Constitutional court and some other objects. In this regard he recommended strongly to the President not to play about with the weapon and to put an end to so irresponsible maneuvers of the militarized divisions in the field of political abuse.


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