Ban on smoking: if it is impossible, but there is a wish …

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It is known that on May 31 it is declared in the World Afternoon of fight against tobacco smoking. However this fight moves very hardly, at all without looking at a number of the acts adopted in the country forbidding smoking in places not taken away for this purpose. Generally all undertaken by observers of the law of a measure are reduced to prevention and healthy lifestyle promotion.
The last law which has come into force on July 1, 2006, and forbidding smoking in the public places, many initially called "deadborn" though not a smoking half of the population with relief sighed with its emergence.
As the statistics, on number of smokers Ukraine on the first place in Europe - 19 million people testifies. In a year Ukrainians smoke about 100 billions cigarettes. And according to physicians, annually 110-120 thousand death in Ukraine are connected with tobacco smoking. A quarter of women is in nicotinic dependence, every second teenager at the age of 13 - 14 years smokes. Broad application of penalties for violation of the anti-nicotinic law - from 51грн. to 170 UAH - it wasn't observed yet. However, in Nikolaev as reported in sector on public relations of a municipal government of militia, this year on the persons smoking in not put places, 5 administrative reports under article 175 ¹ were made by joint stock company of Ukraine. For comparison - in their last year was 15. Only figure reduction in any way doesn't reflect an objective picture, and it understands everyone. Unless less at us became smokers in public places?
- A lot of attention is now paid to a problem of smoking, but it is impossible to resolve it fully even at the level of the state. People both smoked, and continue to smoke. Addiction to tobacco to become simply national trouble. After all on World Health Organization (WHO) conclusions, tobacco smoking causes the same dependence, as well as drugs. It is established that every third city woman is the active smoker, though two years ago - only every fifteenth. And owing to female smoking unhealthy children are born, - the manager of department of a healthy lifestyle of the regional Center of health told at health protection management YEAH Lyudmila Zaviryukha.

By the way, many countries of Europe - Italy, Norway, Sweden, Ireland and Montenegro - already forbade smoking in public places. Well, and to us before, seemingly, before still oh, as far …


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