In the Nikolaev area police officers continue to withdraw narcotic substances

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Staff of Management on fight against a drug trafficking of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area continues fight against unauthorized distribution of narcotic substances in the Nikolaev area. Only for last week during the authorized searches on area more than 4 kg of narcotic substances were revealed and withdrawn.

In Stepovoye's village of the May Day region of the Nikolaev area during carrying out the authorized search in the house law enforcement officers found in the jobless local and withdrew more than 1 kg of marihuana. As it became clear, 30 - the summer host stored at himself drugs for the purpose of their further sale.

In the city of the Nikolaev area in the house police officers found New Bug in the local and withdrew more than 200 гр. hemp. The jobless host was detained. The measure of restraint for the detainee is chosen.

In the settlement of city type of Bereznegovatoye during the authorized search in garage of the local police officers revealed and withdrew about 100 гр. hemp inflorescences. The owner of garage detained, the measure of restraint for it is chosen.

In the settlement of city type of Veselinovo in the house at the local revealed and withdrew more than 320 гр. hemp inflorescences. The measure of restraint for the host is chosen.

300 гр. marihuana it was revealed and withdrawn in the house from the jobless inhabitant of the settlement of city type Arbuzink of the Nikolaev area.

And in the city of Voznesensk of the Nikolaev area during a search in the house of the jobless local revealed and withdrew marihuana nearly a half a kilo.

Staff of GAI also helps to combat a drug trafficking. Last week in the city of Bashtanka of the Nikolaev area the staff of GAI stopped the car "VAZ-2107" in which salon was about 30 гр. hemp inflorescences. At a wheel of the car there was a jobless inhabitant of the Dnepropetrovsk area.

Punishment in the form of imprisonment for a period of three till eight years, prescribed by Art. 307 of UK of Ukraine can threaten all detainees.


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