In SBU told how the illicit scheme бандюков from the Verkhovna Rada

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In two last months under the patronage of People's Deputies into Ukraine imported illicit goods on 57 million hryvnias.

Today in Security service emergency interdepartmental meeting concerning fight against smuggling and corruption will take place. On it names of the People's Deputies involved in illegal deliveries of goods through the Ukrainian border have to be published. As the senior representative of management "K" in Security service reported, members of the Verkhovna Rada are related to three - four largest criminal groups which are engaged in illicit business in Ukraine.

Possibly, among surnames which call today, there can be names of the communist Igor Kaletnik and Evgeny Dobryak's "byutovets". Valentyn Nalyvaichenko and the president Victor Yushchenko hinted the acting chairman of Security service at their participation in smuggling at the last meeting of Council of national safety and national defense.

Sami Dobryak and Kaletnik deny any charges in the address. At the same time in Security service claim that have documentary confirmations of illegal activity of some deputies. The representative of management "K" of SBU agreed to report how one of the illicit schemes works, controlled by two people's deputies (the militiaman refused to specify their names). One of нардепов worked in the Verkhovna Rada of the last convocation, the second is a part of present parliament. "The key role in the management of the organized criminal group (OCG) belongs to the former People's Deputy", - the interlocutor noted. Only for August - September of this year under the auspices of this group into our country was imported smuggling for total amount by 56,5 million hryvnias.

Organizational work in this group perform to 15 people in different regions of Ukraine whom it is conditionally possible to call "looking". They are engaged in signing of contracts, search of customs brokers, "provide loyalty" the staff of customs, frontier service, law enforcement agencies, engage office employees, charter the ships, rent cars.

The role of two people's deputies in activity of this group is reduced to "the solution of questions" at different levels of the power and crisis - to management.For example, deputies agree with law enforcement agencies if those show interest to illegally put goods. As the officer of SBU noted, representatives of militia can address to customs officers on behalf of suspects нардепов that a certain freight passed border.

Such serious communications нардепы created thanks to work in parliamentary committees. They take part in appointments to different posts and thanks to it have "the" people in law enforcement agencies. The personal contact acquired during the previous work of deputies in authorities helps also.

The illicit scheme works thanks to a chain of "pocket" firms. It originates abroad where there is a consignment formation - for example, in Turkey. As soon as one of such firms gains sufficient volume for sending goods, freight is made out as monopurchase at other firm. In Ukraine freight is obtained customs clearance and transferred to the recipient - the local legal firm which has been also included in the scheme. Then goods deliver to a warehouse in any area of the country, from where it and is taken away by the client. On papers freight is on sale to fictitious firm which in turn allegedly realizes it to the client.

According to the described scheme the criminal group imported goods through customs into Ivano - Frankovsk, Odessa, Kiev, Kharkov. So, in September esbeushnik detained a consignment of goods in Ilyichevsk seaport for the sum up to 15 million hryvnias. Smugglers brought freight on own vessel. It was declared as the Chinese consumer goods. Actually it were the clothes of known European brands.

The similar situation was recorded in August in Ivano - Frankovsk. The car "with the Chinese clothes" actually transported the French and Italian clothes, and also not declared GPS-navigators, metal detectors, mini - a video camera and other equipment.

Speculators aren't engaged in sale of illicit goods. To criminals bring in the income of service in a transfer of freights through border. For example, as the representative of Security service told, "commission charges" for a transportation by sea and a customs clearance of one illicit container make at least 27 thousand dollars.

It is very difficult to prove participation of the deputy in the scheme, the employee of service "K" speaks. Parliamentarians gain income from illegal business, but directly in the scheme don't participate.Besides, as soon as activity of smugglers comes into the view of esbeushnik, in different instances - to the president, the head of SBU, in the State Office of Public Prosecutor - deputy inquiries with claims to field investigators and investigators of Security service are dispatched. "For this year concerning me and my subordinates about 20 resolutions by results of public prosecutor's check about refusal in initiation of legal proceedings were taken out", - the officer of SBU speaks.

By the way, all criminal cases which were excited in result of detention of smuggled goods at customs of Odessa, Ivano - Frankovsk and Kiev, were closed by resolutions of Shevchenkovsky court of Kiev. The criminal case brought on smuggling in Kharkov, the local prosecutor's office closed.


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