In Nikolayevshchina the woman for refusal of intim killed then drowned in a toilet

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The woman was gone in Kazank's settlement of the Nikolaev area. Concerned mother reported about her absence.

Militiamen assumed that that could go on a spree simply. But over time the gone found dead in a cesspool. Experts counted about twenty knife wounds on a body.

Militiamen found out that on October 31 the woman had a rest with three familiar brothers. Guys suggested to have a good time. The pier, and occasion is - their mother has a birthday.

The woman didn't refuse. In the house guys laid a table. Having fairly drunk, one of them started suggesting to enter with it sexual relations. The girl refused. The angered gentleman started cruelly it anew to beat, and then grabbed from a table of a knife and began to strike blows. The girl didn't manage to understand at all anything how from the got wounds I fell to a floor and died. Having realized that did, the young man quickly made the decision "to cover up tracks" the committed crime. Together with the brother they took out the spoiled body of the girl from the house and dragged on a kitchen garden. On a kitchen garden there was a toilet which brothers made at once after housewarming. Not to dig a new cesspool, they on an old well of 15 meters in depth which was on a kitchen garden, rearranged a wooden framework. The construction simply stood on a well and it could be inclined and turned one hand. When the corpse of the victim already was on a kitchen garden, brothers inclined a framework of a toilet and pushed a corpse of the girl in well mine, there threw out also a knife. Then put a framework into place and went to sleep.

Two weeks were required to employees of militia to trace criminals. During carrying out a search in brothers experts found spots of brown color similar to blood. At first brothers explained an origin of these spots allegedly with the cut hand of one of them, but it didn't mislead employees of militia, after all examination established that blood on a floor doesn't belong to any of them. Explanations of suspects started dispersing. After several hours of lie one of them finally got confused and to it didn't remain anything else how to confess in deeds. On the same day both pointed to a place where they hid troupe of the girl.

Some hours employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations pulled out a body from very narrow and deep well mine. On a body lost the forensic scientist added 19 knife wounds.

The cool murderer even on a reconstruction of events grinned, allegedly to it there was a cheerful adventure. At present murderers are in a temporary detention center, criminal case on signs of Art. 115 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine (deliberate murder) is brought.


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