Nikolayevets killed the cohabitant to death, filled in a grief with vodka and itself caused militia

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This morning in the house No. 17 on Skorokhodov St. police officers found a corpse of the local resident of 1975 year of birth. External survey revealed on a body lost numerous hematomas and traces of a beating.

The cohabitant of the woman, the local of 1975 year of birth appeared the murderer. It didn't open and at once admitted that it it beat the cohabitant to death.

As neighbors told, young people knew each other long ago, from school. Began to live together about 2 years ago. The young woman worked as the offtaker at one of the city markets, the man anywhere didn't work. The couple liked to drink, also often cohabitants quarreled. However if earlier in a family there were manhandling cases, neighbors didn't know about it, till this time no excesses in family life of young people occurred.

In this morning civil spouses as usual quarreled. The young man lashed out at the girlfriend with with fists and began to beat her. Judging by numerous hematomas including on a face killed, the man beat everywhere without analysis.

I stopped only when understood that the girl is already dead. Having realized that he did, the cohabitant lost itself caused militia, emptied a bottle of vodka and began to wait for payment. On a question, you understand that killed the person, the young man answered so: "I didn't kill her. I led her to a final journey".

At present the murderer is detained. For what reason they quarreled, and that forced it to lash out at the girl with with fists, the detainee couldn't explain.

The investigation is carried.


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