Lutsenko won court against "regional" Lukyanov

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The Pechersky court of Kiev under the chairmanship of the judge S. Vovk satisfied the statement of claim of the Minister of Internal Affairs, the leader of the civil movement "National Self-defense" Yury Lutsenko to the People's Deputy of Ukraine from Party of Regions of Vladislav Lukyanov and Republic of Crimea newspaper editorial office about protection of honor, advantage and business reputation.

As reports a press - service "National self-defense", according to the decision to Lukjyanov Vladislav's court obliged to disprove in the planned next issue of the Republic of Crimea newspaper unreliable information concerning Yury Lutsenko, extended by the deputy - the regional in interview: "Vladislav Lukyanov: Lutsenko - the bad militiaman, but the good PR manager", published in the Republic of Crimea newspaper of July 31 of the current year. In particular, it concerns V. Lukyanov's categorical statements: "Lutsenko rather often allows to use himself for clarification of the personal relations official position"; "With Kravchenko's death and Kirpy the Minister of Internal Affairs not simply provoked a situation, was the cause of the incident... Practically these people were killed with his hands"; about hints concerning Yu.Lutsenko's participation in disappearance of Pukacha; "The Minister of Internal Affairs - the criminal.. "; "Yury Vitaliyevich crept then according to the full program"; that as a result of Lutsenko Yury Vitaliyevich's activity at a position of the Minister of Internal Affairs "crimes aren't investigated, proofs disappear"...


Neither respondents, nor their representatives in court weren't without valid excuse. Therefore the decision of the judge should be made in absentia.


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