The inhabitant of Illichevsk перецепил numbers and the technical coupon from the car on others also left - thought that substitution won't notice

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Cheerfully the young guy from Illichevsk took a walk in Voznesensk the Nikolaev area. This history occurred on November 18.

Having arrived on the car "Mitsubishi of Galant" to Voznesensk, Victor with friends visited 3 days local bars, and then with all company got on the apartment of one of the companions.

While in the house the carousal proceeded, Victor, without spending in vain time, got acquainted with economy of the owner of the house.

Having got to garage, he saw there the car which very much was pleasant to it, after all the vehicle was the same model and almost same color as well as "an iron horse" Victor.

The bright guy, using a helpless condition of the owner of the car who from the drunk alcohol wasn't guided any more in space and time, fast перецепил plates with body number from the car on the car standing in garage, перецепил registration plates and I changed coupons of technical inspection therefore received the same car only much more on is newer.

After that went to drive through the city. One of drinking companions even helped it to roll out the car from garage. After that Victor traveled about about 2 more hours around the city by new car, and about three o'clock in the morning went to Illichevsk.

On the way home, 20 - the summer guy, for violation of the rules of traffic the staff of GAI stopped. They couldn't establish that the car not that that according to the shown documents. The vehicle sent to a shtrafploshchadka near the city of Izmail.

Having remained without "the new car", the guy decided to go behind the which left in garage in the city of Voznesensk. I reached by bus. But at it left nothing - near the house "the voznesensky friend" it already was expected by militiamen.

As it became clear, car theft for the guy is only a small adventure. He considers that its stay in a temporary detention center is a mistake and soon it will return on freedom without the assistance of lawyers, but upon car theft by law enforcement agencies criminal case is already brought. Now the destiny of the autothief will be decided by court.


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