Trouble with inhabitants of Voznesensk: them beat on the street and break a leg an axe

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Today experts note rise in crime in all areas of Ukraine. And the Nikolaev area, unfortunately, didn't become an exception. However besides robberies and thefts, the facts of cruel beatings and violence became frequent. The aggression caused by a lack of money, lack of work and urged on by alcohol, already noticeably soars in air.

So, on December 1 in Voznesensk there were two episodes which haven't been connected among themselves, but similar cruelty of implementation.

At 15.00 on Lenin St. during suddenly arisen quarrel two unknown hands and feet beat 38 - the summer local. The victim with a fracture of bones of a basin and closed cherepno - a brain trauma was delivered in Voznesenskaya to TsRB. It isn't known that so angered brawlers, but apparently they were strongly in low spirits - to break basin bones only hands and feet, it is necessary to possess remarkable force or to be in the extremely angered state. The personalities of criminals aren't identified yet.

In the same day in TsRB with an open fracture of both feet and cherepno - a brain trauma it was delivered local 35 - the summer local resident. Circumstances under which she got these injuries, remind bloody horrors - 34 - the summer cohabitant of the victim, being in an alcohol intoxication, during suddenly arisen quarrel by an axe broke the beloved of a foot and struck a blow to the head.

At present he is detained, the measure of restraint is chosen. The man is threatened by the punishment prescribed by Art. 122 "Deliberate infliction of bodily injury of average weight", in the form of corrective works for up to 2 years or imprisonment for up to 3 years.


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