The Lvov judge - the millionaire assures that it was bribed only by SBU, and that - on barter

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Thanks though not fleet puppies...

"The head of SBU in the Lvov area Anatoly Matios who calls me the bribe taker, declared that for 8 months collected information on my criminal acts. It isn't excluded that video supervision in my office was carried out also. Then on these films if they aren't destroyed yet, has to be it is written down as Matios came to me and I asked to promote in the solution of one business which considers LAAS", - I reported today, on December 9, in time a press - conferences the chairman of the Lvov appellate administrative court Igor Zvarich.

As Igor Zvarich told, Anatoly Matios asked it to promote with the solution of business of mister Ch. (then the judge made a reservation that is mister Chaly, however I didn't tell neither his name, nor a position. - edition). Instead Matios promised to the judge to help to work with business of one of judges of LAAS who moved in Kiev and in which the State Office of Public Prosecutor very much became interested. "In such business - such wildness from his lips I yet didn't hear barter", - Igor Zvarich noted.

According to I.Zvarich, he carried out records of such conversations with people who asked from it assistance. "I don't consider mister Matios as the criminal. Matter in court about which to come to ask Matios, partially was solved exactly as he asked. But it was the decision of judges, instead of mine! I never took and didn't transfer money for the solution of affairs in court, I never gave instructions to judges how this or that business" has to be solved, - Igor Zvarich declared.

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