Brutal murder in the Nikolaev area: the man killed the cohabitant and prepared from her snack

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In Nikolayevshchina the man killed the cohabitant and prepared from it for itself porridge that was than to jam the drunk not enough vodka.

That evening couple, as always, had supper with vodka. However the food ended quicker than alcohol.

Militiaman: "At a corpse the forward part of a neck was cut, the internal part of a throat is damaged, and also the left mammary gland is cut off. For what it was made, we learned later when saw on a plate the pan covered. When we uncovered, saw that in a pan the food from part of a buttock and the left mammary gland" was cooked.

T Oka in the Snigirevsky region of the Nikolaev area yet didn't see rigidity. The man and the woman lived in a civil marriage more than three years. The family often drank and and as often I quarreled. But that reached to such ….

Andrey Druz, first deputy head of Snigirevsky RV of militia: "Parts of a body he welded to have a snack uporeblyaemy alcoholic drinks. It confirms that we found a plate from the remains of food which he ate. For what - distinctly he couldn't explain".

According to the detainee, that evening they with the woman strongly got drunk. Started quarreling from - for vodka: it seems, Victor drank more, than his darling. Scandal ended with slaughter.

Victor, detainee: "I took a knife and I struck in the left hand. Then I put in the right neck, I took for hair, I pulled down on a floor. I put in the left neck. Also I started a throat cutting it. Oven, it, I kindled. That, it, porridge to cook. I took I cut off a breast and a little buttock. Vkinul in a pan also went to bed".

Victor was overslept and at once ran to the rural chairman to cause militia. I confessed in deeds. Psychiatric examination recognized it adequate. According to experts, the man could such carry out in a condition of delirium tremens.

Yury Irkhin, psychologist: "Total alcoholic intoxication can be a provocative factor. And, notice, it isn't simple a state of intoxication. It is drunk waste. Poisoning. Brain befuddling alcohol. Certainly, the adequate behavior here can't be. The dream of reason gives rise to a monster. Here, probably, then the reason at it also fell asleep".

Now the detainee Victor accuse of deliberate murder. Punishment for it will define court.


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