Militiamen opened murder of the Nikolaev swindler who has "thrown" the enterprises of area on 1 million UAH

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At the beginning of October of this year in forest area near the village the Maidan - the Baize of the Litinsky region of Vinnytsia region one of shepherds who выпасал the cattle, found a corpse of the man. It was impossible to identify a body therefore employees of criminal investigation department had to identify his personality on the remains of personal belongings, having carried out thus enormous work, reports a press - service Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

X-ray pictures in which militiamen saw the fractional charge of 0,7 mm which has got stuck in the right clavicle of the victim helped to shed light on circumstances of death of the man. The conclusion arose by itself: the man shot from the fowling piece. Upon murder criminal case was brought. Laborious work which only in a month brought field investigators to responsible for this crime began.

Staff of criminal investigation department established that the victim, 35 - summer Andrey (all names of the publication are changed for ethical reasons) a sort was from the Nikolaev area. The family of the victim lived in the Krivoozersky area. And still, as militiamen found out, recently Andrey was "don't pour water" with two certain citizens who were his partners on illegal earnings. The Trinity earned by roguish schemes, "throwing" suppliers of agricultural products.

For example, in July of this year in the territory of the Nikolaev area they deceived businessmen from Kherson on 300 thousand hryvnias, "having sold" them a colza. Suppliers, suspecting nothing, loaded a colza the truck and already had to come out to the granary, having given previously money - payment for goods - to "sellers". However, as already it became clear later, having received the solid sum, "businessmen" ran away, and the Kherson suppliers had to give others grain.

In Vinnytsia region they "caused a stir" in a different way. There swindlers acted as suppliers. On one of farms the Trinity agreed about purchase of 50 tons of grain of wheat.Behind goods had to arrive in the morning, however they "welcomed" on structures at night and damaged the weight device. As a result for the second day during grain weighing they "welded on" by each car to several tons.

Among partners I predominated 31 - summer Alexander from the city of Pervomaisk of the Nikolaev area. Among them it was the youngest 22 - summer Vladimir which is earlier judged for fraud.

Over time criminal earnings caused not really pleasant consequences. The deceived citizens demanded to return stolen especially as Andrey recognized on one of episodes. After that it was compelled to disappear. Easy money turned for it into shackles. Andrey was quickly tired of such life, being afraid to appear once in prison. He shared the doubts with companions, having told them that, probably, will go to militia and will confess about former "feats". Such frankness cost to the man of life.

Alexander suggested Andrey not to take such hasty steps because together with itself(himself) it and them will pull on a dock. That, it seems, agreed, however doubts and mistrust to the companion remained with Alexander therefore it gave rise the plan how to move away the unreliable partner. And all debts would be convenient to be written off on it. At first there was an idea to poison Andrey with clonidine, to take out to Zakarpatye, and forever to bury secret of its disappearance in the woods.

Three together men went, as well as planned, it seems, on a meeting with people who had to return money. However carry out the sentence pronounced to Andrey couldn't - all the time stirred something and tourists was very much. Then men decided to develop other plan. Alexander suggested to take guns and to go to the Vinnytsia woods to do some shooting a bird. In August they and made.

Having arrived into place, men left the car, Alexander took a gun. After "companions" went deep into the wood, two shots sounded. The murderer shot at Andrey from small distance - no more than 4-x meters. One bullet got to the head, the second - got stuck in a clavicle. Criminals drowned a gun in the Southern Bug near Strizhavki's settlement of Vinnytsia region, hoping that anybody never learns, that occurred in the Vinnytsia wood.

At the end of November divers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations lifted from a river bed the murder tool with cartridges. The incontestable proof of participation in murder sent for examination to NDEKTs.

Militiamen detained murderers already in the Nikolaev area.Men were sure that detained for fraud. That militiamen untangled secret of bloody murder they didn't guess at all.

According to the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Vinnytsia region the general - the militia major Vasily Polishchuk, both detainees are brought charge of commission of deliberate murder. To court they will be under arrest. The fault of everyone will be found out during the investigation which is now conducted. In addition, to a consequence the facts of commission for detainees of frauds for the sum over 1 million hryvnias are known. If these facts are confirmed, to them will bring also charges of fraud.


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