The president "Voronovki" Naumenko tries to prove the innocence and hints at custom-made nature of the business

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The president of FC "Voronovka" Igor Naumenko who is known in certain circles as «Naum» and, according to information GUBOP of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, positioned himself as «looking» , continues to prove in court the non-participation in the brought charge. 

About it reports the edition «Nikolaev soccer». 

So, yesterday, on February 25, in Leninsk court passed the next meeting in the matter of Igor Naumenko which about one and a half hours lasted. 

To support accused a lot of his family, and still representatives of the football public of area came to court: football players «Voronovki» and other teams, leading persons of regional and city federations of soccer. 

During meeting heard 19 - the summer student of one of the Nikolaev educational institutions who was present at quality the witness at a search of a household accused. Igor Naumenko's defenders tried to find out, mainly,–how accurately I saw (and whether saw in general) the student the moments of withdrawal of a revolver and ammunition to it, whether in it presence material evidences, including–were sealed up the system unit of the computer where files from surveillance cameras were stored. 

«Answers the understood clearness didn't differ, the phrase «every other time soundedI don't remember». Actively I behaved at meeting and Igor Naumenko. He asked the witness to a search to remember–how exactly and how many time he warned her at the time of its carrying out: where to look and whom from police officers to watch especially fixedly» , - notes the edition.

In addition, during meeting many curious details became clear. So, for example, it appeared that the investigator didn't announce the witness the resolution on a search, didn't fulfill Naumenko's requirement about replacement of witnesses of others, more adults. 

As it was reported earlier, especially disputed issue when considering the case is the situation with the system unit. 

«When the judge took the system unit from a package, it appeared that there are no labels of surveys. According to understood it became clear that at a search the system unit wasn't sealed at all, on it simply pasted what pieces of paper. Important that the necessary files of video surveillance behind a household are, seemingly, irrevocably lost. Experts still should deal with it. Strange it seems also that fact that the ill-fated revolver was allegedly found in a box with a bright inscription «Adidas» , - writes the edition.

In turn, Igor Naumenko ambiguously hints at custom-made nature of the arrest and detention. 

The following court session is appointed to March 18. 

We will remind, earlier it was reported that Igor Naumenko fall of 2012 I was it is detained on suspicion in illegal handling of the weapon. 

At the same time, it should be noted that while «looking»   «Naum»  I was on recognizance not to leave, the governor of the Nikolaev area managed to speak itNikolay Kruglov –he declared that has information that  «this person lives not in frets with the law» . 

Itself Igor Naumenko and earlier I declared that the weapon to it was thrown by militiamen  also I told how investigators on its business often change.

We will remind also that speaking about Igor Naumenko, the chief of UMVD of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area the general - the militia major Valentin Parsenyuk I positioned it as "the legalized businessman".


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