Heads of the Brovarsky district state administration got on a bribe in 11 million UAH

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The record sum of a bribe of 42 million dollars in size managed to be recorded to the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Monday in the Brovarsky region of Kiev region.

About it on a press - conferences on Tuesday were reported by the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko.

According to him, heads of the Brovarsky district state administration demanded from the foreign investor of a bribe of 38 and 4 million dollars in size for branch of two land plots of 36 and 40 hectares.

During operation of law enforcement agencies on Monday the fact of receiving part of a bribe in the sum of 11 million hryvnias was documented.

The head of the Brovarsky district state administration, the head of department of land resources of this area, his deputy and two more helpers are detained by militiamen for a period of up to 72 hours.

"Further the court will make the decision on election of a measure of restraint. The consequence will insist on arrest of the mentioned persons", - Lutsenko declared.

Also the minister reported that "after obtaining information on detention of the head of the district state administration and other persons involved in business attempts of pressure upon law-enforcement structures" were made.

"I analysed a possible source of this pressure and saw that among detainees there are people who contact to polar political forces. The mentioned persons come to the top management of polar political forces", - Lutsenko declared.

At the same time he noted that during carrying out operation by militiamen wasn't obtained the evidence of participation in business of higher officials.

"But any head of the district state administration won't be flattered on receiving so big bribe if it has no high "roof". At what I am sure that the most part of a bribe was appointed to it (to higher official)", - Lutsenko added.

According to the minister, on the highest echelons of power to leave possible only at the expense of truthful spokazaniye of the detained officials.

On the question, what punishment threatens detainees, Lutsenko told that from 3 to 5 or from 5 to 7 years of imprisonment. Thus the minister agreed that from 1500 detainees on hot officials really prison penals are got by only tens.


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