In Nikolaev passed celebrations on the occasion of Day of militia. Before militiamen the mayor of Nikolaev

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Yesterday, on December 18, in Nikolaevsk art Russian drama theater passed festive events on the occasion of celebration of Day of militia which is officially celebrated on December 20.

Despite that this day was very saturated for heads of the Nikolaev area, after all to Nikolaev with a business trip there came the President of Ukraine V. Yushchenko, they found forces to congratulate on a professional holiday of those who every minute costs on the law enforcement officer in area.

On this action there were all the first poured areas: governor A. Garkusha, chairman of regional council T. Demchenko, Prosecutor of the region N. Stoyanov, Nikolaev mayor V. Chaika, etc. Wasn't, unless chief of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area N. Postupalsky and chief of the Nikolaev customs V. Kovalsky.

Didn't honor the attention of the Nikolaev militiamen and People's Deputies of Ukraine N. Kruglov and R. Zabzalyuk who were invited to this action.

The first, the solemn speech was made by the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area the general - the militia major Anatoly Naumenko.

He congratulated staff on a holiday. "The militia of Nikolayevshchina took place. Is about what today to tell is the and solved serious resonant crimes, and about feats of those police officers which, sometimes at the cost of the life, became on protection of a law and order", - A. Naumenko declared.

Also, the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area, reported that the book about the Nikolaev militia is already written and soon the first 100 copies will be distributed to veterans.

Anatoly Vyacheslavovich thanked the authorities that they, in this hard time, support employees of militia and try to provide them to all necessary.

"23 cars which will be distributed on December 22-23 to regional and city police stations" were transferred to regional management of militia, - Anatoly Vyacheslavovich reported.

After his words in a hall why - that only the Nikolaev mayor looked dissatisfied.Maybe he took offense that in gratitude words to local authorities its surname sounded one many less often than the governor and the chairman of a regional council.

Further gave the floor to the governor.

"It is hard destiny - to protect people, but you chose this profession", - that there began the performance Alexey Garkusha.

"That you do that very important for state society. And the situation in the state is more difficult, the it is more than the manifestations, different bad acts where your intervention is necessary … Sometimes say that militia at us bad but when something happens, the first word shout not "mother" - shout "militia" and "help" … People trust you. Your work is so necessary for people that, probably, we have to tell gratitude words to you more often. After all it is valid - when a grief at the person, everything is forgotten, and the first where we address, is unambiguous - in law enforcement agencies … To simple people, probably, all the same what there branches of the power operate - legislative, executive. They, first of all, see the power in you. And how professionally and morally highly you treat the business, unambiguously judge and all of us, all power", - A. Garkusha emphasized.

It handed over the most differed certificates of honor of the Nikolaev regional state administration. Among awarded there was also a deputy chief the Organized Crime Control Department of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area the militia lieutenant colonel V. Zhuravel.

Further gave the floor to the chairman of a regional council T. Demchenko. Besides gratitude words to militiamen for that that they are also congratulations Tatyana Vasilyevna didn't miss opportunity to tell about what good deputies of a regional council - as they help militiamen. "In 2006 the regional council allocated funds of 1,5 million hryvnias for needs of militia. In it, despite the crisis phenomena, from the regional budget 1 million hryvnias" is allocated, - T. Demchenko reported.

Militiamen got diplomas and from the head of a regional council.

And here the Nikolaev mayor V. Chaika stepped on the stage. It, possibly holding offense that praised it a little, on the evil to all I handed over warrants from apartments to three employees of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia and I emphasized that at last session of city council the decision to allocate one one-room apartment and to regional management was made.

"The holiday which is celebrated always by militia, is a symbol of protection of interests of the state, a symbol of protection of our communities.We very much are proud of that the garrison of militia of the city of Nikolaev in such texture with garrison of militia of area always carries out those tasks which are directed just on protection of each citizen of our city", - V. Chaika told.

After that it was offered to Vladimir Dmitriyevich to sing the song "Shipbuilders" together with ensemble of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area. The mayor not only sang, but also danced on a scene.

After that before gathered, with the new concert program, the Southern Patrol ensemble which is already known far outside our area acted.


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