The young guy brutally killed the drinking companion an axe

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Alcohol daily reaps "a rich crop" in our country. Many die of the continuous use of alcoholic drinks, and some perish from … besides, excessive alcohol intake which leads to tragic results.

Last week the corpse was found in the village the Bald Mountain of the May Day region of the Nikolaev area in the house 69 - the summer pensioner. On a body of the man there were numerous chopped and cut wounds.

The taken measures police officers detained the jobless local of 1980 year of birth. It became clear that that day when there was a murder, the detainee drank alcohol with the victim at his place. Suddenly between them quarrel during which 28 - the summer guy grabbed a kitchen knife began and started striking them blows to the pensioner. Probably, it seemed to it it a little, and it for fidelity began to strike blows with an axe, as led to death of the host.

Murder tools - a kitchen knife and an axe withdrew from the detainee. The measure of restraint is chosen.


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