The deputy from BYuT declared vote falsification for the budget

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The deputy of BYuT fraction Igor Rybakov declares, about vote falsification for the law on the State budget-2009.

About it it is spoken in the statement which extended a press - service of the deputy.

"Vote in the Verkhovna Rada for the law on the State budget for 2009 was forged by BYuT fraction. Personally I didn't vote for this document though my surname appears in the list of those 226 People's Deputies who supported this law", - is spoken in the statement.

I marked out fishermen that it is "on hospitalization in Truskavets with pneumonia therefore didn't take part in sessional meeting of parliament".

"Instead of me the duplicate of my card "voted". My card for vote, that is, the original is with me", - the deputy declares.

"Such unprecedented deception was applied by BYuT fraction. Well understanding that for adoption of the governmental draft of the State budget in Rada there is no minimum necessary quantity of voices, "is white - warm" went for criminal swindle", - is spoken in the statement.

"The vice-chairman of fraction Andrey Kozhemyakin prepared the petition for the chief of staff of parliament of Valentin Zaychuk about production of the duplicate of my card for vote. On it to a piece of paper Zaychuk, having forged my signature, I appended instructions which allowed the head management of the computerized systems in parliament Chepurnoma to make one more card", - the deputy declared.

Fishermen considers that "thus, Kozhemyakin received in the order of so necessary BYuT fraction for adoption of law about the State budget the forged voice - mine".

"It is rough, cynical and impudent deception. Besides, Kozhemyakin and Zaychuk's actions are malfeasance for which the Criminal code prescribed serious punishment", - declared Fishermen.

"Officially I declare that I didn't vote for the governmental bill of the State budget. I intend to address already soon with the judicial claim concerning Kozhemyakin and Zaychuk. Also I will prepare inquiry in the State Office of Public Prosecutor and SBU for studying of all circumstances of this shameful falsification", - is spoken in the statement.

It is known that Rybakov's voice was decisive as the bill on the State budget collected minimum necessary 226 votes.

Besides, 4 deputies of the party of regions Taras Chornovil, Vasily Gritsak, Vladimir Gureev and Pyotr Korzh voted for the law on the State budget-2009.


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