The wave of suicides overflowed Nikolayevshchina: two young guys, and several days before - 6 grader

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The wave of suicides overflowed the city of Nikolaev and the Nikolaev area. With what it is connected, it is possible to guess only. Probably, it is "results" of an economic crisis. The situation which develops in Ukraine today, starts reminding times of a great depression 30-x years in the USA more and more. Then people who lost the work and didn't see further prospect, simply didn't find the best way out, except how to say goodbye to this life.

So, in the night of December 31 for January 1, on New Year's Eve, in Nikolaev at least two suicides were recorded. In Factory and Leninsky district two guys which yet wasn't and 30 years were hung up.

On December 30 in Nikolaev on Oktyabrskaya Street, 22 around 18.30 29 - the summer man tried to jump out of a window of the second floor of the apartment. Fortunately, the tragedy didn't occur - in time the arrived staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations by means of the special equipment got into the room and rescued the drunk guy.

And here on December 28 in the city New Odessa the Nikolaev area in the house the corpse of the jobless local of 1960 year of birth which shot to itself at the head from the fowling piece 12-го caliber was found.

But not only economic problems can push people on rash actions.

On December 26 in one of apartments on Geroyev Stalingrad Avenue the corpse 12 - the summer boy - the pupil 6-го No. 32 class SSh was found. The teenager was hung up in the apartment in which lived together with parents.

Before committing suicide, he wrote the suicide note in which thanked parents. As it was succeeded to learn from his schoolmates, the boy very much worried on the fact that not well finished a quarter. Possibly, this stress and fear of that parents will swear and pushed the teenager on this act.


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