Deja vu, or a "gas" thunder for the leadership of Ukraine

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"... instead of will take - we will disconnect gas"

(from the movie "Diamond Hand")

In the morning on January 1 New 2009 me wasn't left by feeling of bitterness from messages of news agencies on the termination of supply of gas by Russia to Ukraine. And unpleasant feelings arose not so much from the decision of the Russian power, how many that to Ukraine block the gate not for the first time. All this already was exactly three years ago on January-1, 2006!

That day at 8-00 in my apartment it was distributed absolutely unexpected for me it is ringing. Alexander Zaytsev, the head of the Nikolaev line pipe operation center who with undisguised excitement reported called that Suzemk's (Russia) compressor station reduces the gas pressure then supply of gas in Hugo - east part of Ukraine will be completely stopped.

Already at 10-00 in the building of the regional state administration the operational staff was called, it was entrusted to head which to me. The cabinet of Ukraine demanded to reduce quickly gas consumption in the Nikolaev area by 25%. The task seemed impracticable - how to reduce whom to reduce? Idea to reduce consumption for the population taking in structure of consumption of gas the second place after the industry, rejected at once. The enterprises which could provide objective performance were defined. This JSC Nikolaev Aluminous Plant, JSC Yugtsement (Olshansky cement works), JSC Simeks (Zaselsky sugar plant), JSC Nikolaev Combined Heat and Power Plant, GP NPKG "Dawn — Mashproyekt", JSC Rodina, JSC Vozko.

After the first meeting of a staff it seemed that the decision can't be in principle: all heads defended interests of the companies, without understanding that all of them are "in one boat", is more exact "on one pipe". After all the staff "offered" measures the extremely rigid: completely to stop work of JSC Yugtsement, JSC Simeks and the vegerable-growing company "Rodina". To limit consumption of gas of JSC NGZ and GP NPKG "Dawn — Mashproyekt" for 20%. To transfer to fuel oil of JSC Nikolaev Combined Heat and Power Plant and boiler NGZ.Without acceptance of such measures minimum admissible for work of the enterprises of area gas pressure in highways wasn't possible to be provided. We had the main argument one: we won't consult together with an objective - all city will freeze. I am grateful to A. Zaytsev and N. Kovshirin (JSC Nikolayevgaz representing in a staff), their recommendations helped to find satisfying staff a compromise.

Most difficult there were relations with NGZ management which technological process was completely reoriented by then from fuel oil on gas. I contacted the Director general of NGZ Yury Ovchinnikov even before formation of operational staff. Yury Georgiyevich then had a rest in Austria and at once didn't believe my information. However in an hour its voice was another. Ovchinnikov called me, and in my person the Ukrainian power for prudence, demanded not to implicate NGZ in area problems, said that gas for NGZ is delivered under the separate contract by the Russian supplier and is paid beforehand. Negotiations that interrupted, again renewed and were very emotional. The moments there was a wish to hang up, however huge respect for Yury Georgiyevich and understanding of that it, defending interests of the enterprise, looks for an exit from the arisen situation, held from impulsive actions. I had only one argument: all of us are... on one pipe. And the management of NGZ made only true then the decision to reduce gas consumption to minimum possible values. Boiler NGZ was transferred to fuel oil. From their party it there was a feat, after all on the street there were hard frosts, and at any time there could be an accident to irreversible consequences.

Brief summary of those days are as follows: for five days JSC Yugtsement, and after it and JSC Simeks was stopped. The crop of vegetables of the Rodina company managed to be preserved, GP NPKG "Dawn — Mashproyekt" for crisis refused tests of turbines, JSC Nikolaev Combined Heat and Power Plant worked some days at fuel oil, JSC Vozko refused use of the cogeneration station working at gas, having connected to the line regional power. In the solution of the problems which have fallen down our head, despite New Year's holidays, heads of many enterprises of the city and area and for it to them low bow took part. For myself I then recorded important feature - association of clever, vigorous, active people in an extreme, crisis situation always yields result.

In January, 2006 it was succeeded to protect the regional center from inadmissible pressure drop though memories of the first days of that year at many heads of the enterprises of area still associate with New Year's and Christmas holidays a little. I was sure that the similar won't repeat never that from an event conclusions will be drawn and the relevant decisions are made.

Then, there was the first call to all branches of the power, distinctly shown three years ago that Ukraine is defenseless from any blackmail of suppliers of energy carriers, first of all gas. We, who endured everything these difficult days, on whose shoulders huge responsibility for power supply of the whole area lay, were sacredly sure - crisis will end, the heating season will come to an end - and here - that in imperious corridors in Kiev run. Will bring together experts, will charge development of an effective package of measures similar more never could repeat. And further - will start tearing up seven skins from the relevant instances that as soon as possible to realize these measures. However, life once again showed double justice of a national proverb: "Peasant won't cross himself before it begins to thunder", Double because, the thunder after all all - then - - burst on January 1, 2006. But to be christened, that is to undertake effective measures that the similar situation more never repeated, the country leaders and after that didn't hurry. Probably high statesmen considered that ahead as at theater, will be both the second and third call but only then real "performance" will begin. In real life it was necessary to thank "partners" that performance didn't begin without the prevention.

Really there were no effective solutions of the problems which have arisen far not on January 1, 2006? Certainly, were. It and increase in production of own gas, and diversification of supply of missing gas, and implementation of alternative projects of power supply of the country.

But the first what exactly then needed to be made - immediately essentially to limit consumption of natural gas! First of all, "gasification of all country" for which in the budget of 2006 billion hryvnias were allocated needed to refuse plans. The saved funds needed to be allocated for energy saving programs. Such programs would have to be developed separately for the population and budgetary organizations, the industry and power.

Many decisions lay on a surface.

Quickly the population needed to offer, at least, two programs. The replacement program not effective coppers like AGV on modern with simultaneous installation of counters of a consumption of gas and the program of replacement of existing windows on energy saving with use of multichamber double-glazed windows. The state had to offer the population which has expressed desire to replace coppers and (or) windows, crediting for long term under the minimum percent, and it is possible to compensate credit percent at the expense of the state budget. I don't doubt that then the majority of people would respond to the offered programs. It was necessary to find in the budget resources for implementation of programs of warming of external walls and roofs of our houses.

Realization ONLY THESE MEASURES, would allow to reduce gas consumption by 10%, and it neither is a lot of, nor it isn't enough 1 billion dollars!

Then the best minds of Ukraine to prepare for introduction projects of heating with combined use of low-potential heat, solar energy in combination with electric energy had to be involved. All this in Ukraine was much.

Separate actions had to be realized for a heat supply of the budgetary establishments.

First of all, it was necessary to support in every possible way the initiative of local government to equipment of budgetary organizations by autonomous systems of heating. Introduction of such systems allowed to reduce significantly the cost of thermal energy due to control of a consumption of gas and decrease in thermal losses.

In many installed gas settlements, especially small, budgetary organizations are located compactly. Exactly there effective use of the cogeneration installations, allowing to provide budgetary organizations not only heat, and and electricity of own production. And at surplus of the electric power its sale to a power market is possible.

The budgetary establishments of not installed gas settlements should be prepared for transfer to heating with use of hydrodynamic coppers and thermal accumulators.

As for the industry, it could solve a gas problem independently. Would be to provide tax and customs privileges for the enterprises introducing technologies, significantly reducing use of natural gas enough.

The most difficult and process of re-equipment of the thermal stations almost completely focused on consumption of natural gas could become expensive.The considerable economy of gas could be received from introduction of modern gas turbines and partial transfer of heatgenerating stations on steam coal. Considerable money which in the country budget obviously lacked are necessary for such re-equipment. Here that also was necessary attraction of investments. I know precisely that investors on energy projects were.

So why the country leaders, decisions lying on a surface on power consumption reduction, especially didn't start realizing gas consumption? Irresponsibility? Incompetence? That takes place both and another. But put here in other.

In the same 2006 during presentation of the boiler room equipped with coppers of "Buderus", allowing to save to 20% of gas in comparison with usual coppers, I asked a question to Victor Nozhkin, the heating engineer, the head of the known Nikolaev company. Why similar highly effective systems of heating everywhere don't take root? Really business only in their cost? The answer discouraged me. Victor answered that it will lead to reduction of consumption of gas in Ukraine, and for it can kill!

Supply of gas to Ukraine the most profitable business! By recognition of the former head of "Naftogaz", the former executive officer President Kuchma, and nowadays - the political emigrant Igor Bakaya, all largest fortunes in Ukraine are made on trade in gas! And Bakay - that knew about what I spoke!

Reduction of consumption of gas leads to decrease in the income. In it main reason of a criminal divergence!


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