Than Yushchenko is similar to Byul - Byul Oglou, or "Oh, these sterveets – 2"

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I conceived a liking for the Russian TV series "Oh, these sterveets don't pay! " (goes on all Russian TV channels in the course of display of news). In brief I will remind a plot: the senior stepsister (Russia) sells gas to the sister who always considered to younger (Ukraine). Younger one can't say that strongly obligatory, sometimes I postdated payments, not in time I paid for gas. And this time I detained payment already till December 30. Using such situation, elder sister suggested younger to buy time gas in one and a half - two more expensively than economically reasonable price. Thus you know how at two stepsisters happens, it seems to one that her deceived with the former Soviet inheritance (didn't give 17 promised percent from the sewed Soviet property), the second seems that they have the general family and the general history, and younger wants to leave a family. Generally, there are a lot of additional courses and subject lines.

Elder sister, except a main goal (to sell gas is more expensive), has still a minor: to discredit the President Yushchenko. And then also accurately to wash all dirty linen in public, and to expose younger in Old (European that is) Sveta as the thief. And at younger sister too the purposes, for example, on the quiet to raise the price of transit and to bring down gas price. Especially as in underground storages which - that from resources is, and it will than be warmed.

Yes, and so, a yesterday's series where in leading roles misters the prime minister of Russia Vladimir Putin and the head of Gazprom Alexey Miller acted, looked as a remake of the Azerbaijani movie "Be Not Afraid, I with You" (by the way, the director of a picture - Yuli Gusman). But a remake in such KGB processing. The head of Gazprom addresses to the prime minister Putin almost in a whisper, swallowing from respect of separate syllables and therefore the long address "Vladimir Vladimirovich" sounds "Ladir Ladirych" … or "Ladirych" is simple … It seems to me that if it is a remake of the mentioned musical comedy, Miller and Ladirych are angry heroes: Farzali - Beck (what looks for oil on others kitchen garden and therefore I am ready to kill the owner of land) and Jafar (the bandit - the accomplice who thus very much loves music). Invisibly at series there is a President Yushchenko, he is Teymur (it Byul - Byul Ogly plays), the devoted lover, the amazing singer, the good guy, but thus - the sheer of the neumekh in power operations.

Yes, and so all series is Miller's conversation and Ladirycha, but how many there dramatic nature and psychologism...

I will remind dialogue.

Miller - Jafar:

- Ukraine didn't sign the gas contract for delivery for 2009. Now supply of gas for Ukraine is stopped. "Gazprom" supplies gas in full to border of Russia and Ukraine which corresponds to volumes of demands from buyers for transit of the Russian gas through the territory of Ukraine. But during the last days Ukraine carried out unauthorized selection of the Russian gas in the territory of the country from the gas transmission system of Ukraine. Volumes (unauthorized selection) - actually theft - day by day increase. We receive information from our foreign buyers that the Russian gas on the territory of Europe is undersupplied. Ukraine refuses to execute the contract on transportation of gas and in the increasing volumes steals the Russian gas from the pipe. Since January 1 of this year Ukraine in the territory stole from us 65,3 million cubic meters of gas.

(From notes of the screenwriter: In dialogue completely there is no information that for implementation of the transit, gas is also necessary for GTS work actually on transportation. The version that the withdrawn gas works for implementation of actually Russian contract for delivery of gas to Europe, isn't sounded in principle).

Ладирыч - Farzali - Beck (abruptly and rigidly):

And how many they remained have to?

Miller - Jafar:

Ukraine didn't extinguish debt for the gas put in 2008, and this debt remains in a size more than 600 million dollars. If and proceeds further, Ukraine will continue to steal the Russian gas, the debt will be estimated in the nearest future in billion dollars.

(As far as we know, Ukraine doesn't recognize this part of a debt).

Ладирыч - Farzali - Beck:

What offers?

Miller - Jafar:

To reduce deliveries to border of Russia and Ukraine by that volume which is stolen by Ukraine - 65,3 million cubic meters of gas, - and further to reduce by volumes of the stolen gas.

(-Farzali - Beck and Miller - Jafar any time discuss Ladirych how technically to make so that the European consumers didn't suffer. Miller inserts the phrase about theft of Ukraine everywhere where only it is possible, and each phrase finishes the respectful address to the vis-a-vis: Ладирыч. Alas, as two days ago in Ukraine nobody explained to society of a subtlety of work of GTS, and today anybody in reply didn't begin to estimate the Russian technical capabilities of diversification of transit. Thus, instead of work with society, the Ukrainian power passes the doubtful judgment on a transit ban).

But we will return to the movie. Here it is the culmination.

Ладирыч - Farzali - Beck:

And what Ukrainian consumers? It is a pity for people.

Miller - Jafar:

Ладирыч who gave the order to stop negotiations?

Ладирыч - Farzali - Beck:

Teymur (Yushchenko that is).

Miller - Jafar:

And he doesn't feel sorry for people?

Ладирыч - Farzali - Beck (smiles):

We feel sorry for all.

Miller - Jafar starts listing, how many at Ukraine of additional opportunities to provide itself with gas and that anything terrible if to reduce volumes. (Thus there is a question, why to Ukraine then to steal, after all to it it is valid while to eat than use).

Here Ladirych - Farzali - Beck tells the phrase:

Well, reduce.

Is, - Jafar and almost as in the movie rapped out in the camera, sitting on a horse, and wiping a teardrop a sleeve, in a whisper repeated the phrase concerning Teymur singing on a fortification: set fire to it, it is a little more and I won't be able to kill him.

Here such at us nice neighbors. Actors, security officers, gas-barons … And maybe, will still terminate well? Especially as will eat we really perfectly …

P.S.And the text of songs from the movie "Be Not Afraid, I with You" it is possible

Masha Mishchenko


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