Service during which it is impossible to be mistaken!

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There is in Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of area the division which work of employees is shined in the press unfairly a little. Though they too quite often risk life at all less field investigators of the Organized Crime Control Department, detectives of criminal investigation department. These are experts - bomb experts of Explosive service Scientifically - research ekspertno - the area Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs criminalistic center. It was created 10 years ago at EKO of that time (ekspertno - the criminalistic centers) by the Department of Internal Affairs of areas specially for search, detection, transportation and destruction of various explosive devices at real threat of their explosion.

From the very beginning of creation of this service and until now it is headed by the militia lieutenant colonel Bulat Akhatov, in the past the army sapper. Vzryvo - technical service in which only 7 people are, conditionally consists of two offices. The first of them is engaged in search, withdrawal and destruction of various explosive devices. First of all, that from them from which explosion people and material values can suffer. These explosive devices can be both industrial, and handicraft production.

Examples of life-threatening work of experts - bomb experts it is possible to give great variety. The most memorable of them (about whom we wrote earlier) this withdrawal of various explosive including and poultry roasters with one and a half kilograms of "plastid", in the house on Nikolayevskaya Street where the group of terrorists - "Komsomol members", detection of improvised explosive devices by means of which homebrew "terrorist" threatened to blow up frequent hotel and bar sat down. Withdrawal of the whole arsenal of improvised explosive devices in the private house in the Wide Beam, after neutralization of "Mujahideen" barricading there. Detection and improvised explosive device withdrawal in Pervomaisk by means of which hitmen tried to blow up the director granichno - a crushed-stone pit, together with its car (that "killer" from the PPSh machine gun of times of the Great Patriotic War shot later).

To search and detection of these explosives and explosive devices experts of VTS successfully apply army mine detectors, the metal probe.For the purpose of prevention of production of explosion of object an explosive charge by means of the remote control, bomb experts can use the generator of a radio noise. With its help the radio impulse going from the panel to the receiver of this signal, usually attached directly to an explosive charge successfully is suppressed.

For destruction of the explosive device able is in bags and the packages left by malefactors in crowded places, bomb experts successfully apply a so-called water gun. In this case by means of a stream of the water pumped under a big pressure, this device collapses and its explosion isn't allowed.

And for quite some time now experts - bomb experts of the Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs criminalistic center mastered some kind of ноу - Hau: water "bomb". After all for anybody not a secret that present "demolition men" became very inventive. For a mining and blasting usually the car of the elected victim they use mines - "traps" with the disguised extensions. In case of attempt of mine clearing of this car the person who has undertaken this business can quite suffer. Therefore handymen also thought up a way how to secure this person against casual explosion. Water "bomb" represents 50 - the liter plastic canister filled with ordinary water. To it some two hundred-gram trotyl checkers fasten an adhesive tape. Such "bomb", in case of need, is accurately palmed off under the bottom of the mined car. Then she is blown up remotely. In such a way bomb experts seek to interrupt, the electricity cables going from extensions to the explosive device and not to allow casual explosion. As we see all ingenious simply. After all we on arms meanwhile have no robots - sappers on wheels what we see in American "thrillers".

However, in the majority work of experts of VTS consists of various departures on scenes, in a case when field investigators of the Organized Crime Control Department, ОБНОНа and detectives of a criminal investigation department during detentions made by them, find in suspects improvised explosive devices. And those unanimously repeat that made them for the only purpose: to stun fish.

Still bomb experts quite often happen to leave on check of false signals of "mining" of these or those objects. Only for this year of such departures was over twenty. Usually it is false signals of "mining" of office buildings and objects: "Gorvodokanala", "Nikolayevgaz", or bag detection with explosive on the shop located on Sovetskaya Street.Most of all comes signals of allegedly put "bomb" in educational institutions. Such signals arrived about a mining of schools, technical training college, and phone terrorists "mined" one of colleges twice. As a rule these calls arrive with the purpose to break occupations or control.

Increases works to bomb experts of the Center and during arrival to Nikolaev In! П persons: top officials of the state, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, stars of cinema, theater. And also before provedeny concerts of variety stars and sporting events. Then to experts дводиться previously and carefully (with use of guard dogs) to survey all objects which those plan to visit.

In total for these ten years of the many-sided work to experts - bomb experts of the Center more than 500 times happened to leave on similar actions. For these purposes in the order of employees of VTS there is specially equipped Sable car is some kind of laboratory on wheels. By means of the devices which were here and the equipment it is possible to carry out various expertizes in field conditions.

Not less responsible work and at experts of the second office of VTS which are engaged pozharno - technical research. First of all to be led up them to leave on various fires and the ignitions, any objects. First of all experts need to establish on various specific signs - whether was here the intended arson. And also to define its approximate time and the ignition center. Because for anybody not a secret that in the last place cases of a deliberate arson of various objects have: shops, bases, warehouses and even cars. The reasons here can be various: revenge of competitors, hooliganism, squaring of accounts, intention to receive the considerable sum of an insurance etc. Usually for these purposes malefactors use "Molotov cocktail" (mix of gasoline and lubricating oil). In such a way set fire to shop - boutique on Sovetskaya Street twice, and also burned in Nikolaev some cool "foreign cars". In the last cases "instigators" counted that everything will be written off for a fire as a result of short circuit of an electrical wiring. And from the car there was only scorched body …

However for definition of the presumable center of ignition, for example in salon of the car which has burned down completely, experts use the device - структуроскоп. He allows the expert to make the conclusion that in this case the deliberate arson took place.Such conclusion of the expert gives to the investigator the grounds to put forward the working version and further to solve this deliberate crime.

And still, despite existence of the cleverest devices, the main violin in work to this necessary service in militia people play. To the word real fans of the business here worked and continue to work. For youth veterans of this service were an example: the major Gennady Novichenko (as well as the lieutenant colonel Akhatov in the past the army sapper), and also the militia lieutenant colonel Alexander Golubev. Live legend of VTS there is a cynologist, the militia major Grigory Zalyubovsky (nowadays they are pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs). Together with the faithful assistant, a search dog "Dick", the major was engaged in search of the disguised explosive devices on various objects in the territory of our area. Together about the four-footed assistant Dick, Zalyubovsky visited and storming Yugoslavia, as a part of UN mission. Here he actively participated in search and destruction of mines, grenades, land mines, other explosives and the weapon at confronting in conflicts of two sides. For participation in this dangerous work the major Zalyubovsky was awarded by a breastplate "For participation in operations" and UN medals "For participation in peacekeeping missions", other awards.

To satisfaction of the management of the Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Criminalistic center good traditions of veterans of VTS are carried on also by young employees. From them the senior expert - the bomb expert, the militia captain Victor Verteletsky is allocated with the professionalism and diligence.

And when you, dear readers, will see on the street of Nikolaev the Sable car with an inscription "Vzryvo - technical service", know is on the next task experts - bomb experts of the Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Criminalistic center went. We wish them that the number of their departures on a dangerous task, equaled to number of successful returns from them. And main thing without loss. After all thanks to their professionalism and somewhat courage, unplanned explosions won't thunder, blood and tears of innocent people won't be shed.

Such though dangerous, but the work necessary to people at these children from explosive service NIEKTS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of area. And people are grateful to them for it.


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