"Dog doesn't eat dog", but not in our case: Diament vs Written

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote about that, that on January 6 on suspicion in commission of burglary it was detainedTamara Diament, the deputy of the Nikolaev city council from Natalya Vitrenko's block.

Staff of criminal investigation department of the Central District Department of Internal Affairs detained the deputy and delivered in office during verification of the statement of one of the Nikolaev civil servants.

The high-ranking official declared in militia that from the room belonging to it the newly made national darling, having broken doors, stole office equipment.

Police officers took atTamara Diamentexplanations on this incident also released it.

We will remind thatTamara Ivanovna Diamentit was included in structure of a depuy corps of the Nikolaev city council on November 11, 2008 after long scandal which burst in PSPU. It is a question of scandalous session of the City Council at which were deputy powers of one deputies of the City Council from Natalya Vitrenko's block "National opposition" are stopped and other 4 deputies are entered into a depuy corps. PSPU fractions in Nikolaevsk city council from the third attempt everything is it was succeeded "to push" in the City Council of two new people's deputies. After that PSPU fraction was filled up by two new deputies - Oksana Kuchma andTamara Diament, deputy badges and certificates were handed over to them. And they replaced Vadim Akhanchenk and Sergej Choubin.

Tamara DiamentI expressed desire to enter the City Council commission concerning economic policy, planning, the budget and finance.

And here in one of the Nikolaev electronic mass media there were commentsTamara Diament, in which she told the version of an event.

Having read this note, there is an impression that it simply attempt to bleach "good name" of political force from which it was chosenTamara Ivanovna. Confirms this thought that fact more and more that the author of the publication himself repeatedly participated in the various actions as which organizers acted local "Vitrenkovtsa".Probably, it simply performed a party task? If it is valid so, it is executed very amateurish.

Interview to the deputy of the Nikolaev city council similar to "surrender" where to everything stones in a kitchen garden of the official - the chief of regional management of melioration and a water managementare still outlinedSergey Pismenny.

We will consider more attentively.

Deputy of the Nikolaev city councilTamara Diamentdenies the participation in a robbery as denies also the fact of a robbery. At personal meeting with the correspondent of one of electronic mass mediaTamara IvanovnaI stated the version of an event. "Beginning long before that moment as it "cleaned" the office", - it was spoken in the publication. (To expression "the office" we will return a bit later).

According to her, five years ago chief of regional management of melioration and water managementSergey PismennyI appointed her the director of JSC Ekovodservice. Sounds funny: as it is the civil servant can appoint someone the director of open company. The same question as it is written in a note, it was set also - жаDiament. She also claims that g - NWrittenI had no right to create any commercial organizations.

So it turns out, in this situation the victim -Tamara Ivanovna? ! ! At first it forcibly, that is without its consent, forced to hold a position of the director of open company, and then within five years as "violently" forced to get paid? Or, maybe, it worked at a position of the director just like that, without gaining any income?

According to the national darling,Sergey PismennyI created this firm for money laundering. It turns out, asTamara Ivanovnathe whole 5 years I took part in money laundering. "In the course of this washing it many times seriously set up the director of the open companyTamara Diament", - it was spoken in article. Why the national darling all this time was silent? Perhaps, it accepted current situation? After all as the law-abiding citizen of Ukraine she had to report at once about "dark schemes" in appropriate authorities. Possibly,To Tamara Ivanovnait is necessary to re-read once again Ilf and Petrov's immortal work "A gold calf" and to pay attention to one of characters - the chairman Funt.

If all exactly as is told by the deputy of city council, the office can't be "her" in any way - after all she simply was a director, and it is a hired position. As it became known"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", the office about which there is a speech, is an apartment which, allegedly, belongs to the head of department of melioration and a water management. But we will tell about the citizen Pismennom a little later.

One more interesting fact - because the end with theft wasn't put to trial, we specially didn't call a surname of the official. And hereTamara Diamentprobably without having thought, I gave out to the correspondent everything, up to not really transparent schemes in which JSC Ekovodservice was engaged.

If to take everything in attention that the national darling, and her andtoldSergey Pismennyfor a long time law enforcement agencies had to become interested.

In particular,Tamara DiamentI accused the head of department of melioration and a water management of area of evasion from taxes ("It (Sergey Pismenny- the bus) doesn't pass this money through cash desk, disappears from payment of taxes", - it was spoken in the publication); obviously false denunciation and threats ("It constantly threatened me. And here he thought up it such that, it seems, him robed"); in abuse of official position; in legalization of the income got by a criminal way, a robbery (according to her,Sergey Pismennylong ago I took away from it the press and "I did the frauds").

Also TAmara Ivanovnaaccuses the official of attempt of raider capture which her "boss" in a hostel to the address wanted to carry out: Artem St., 4. According to her, "the Trinity of cofounders wanted to take this hostel, to expel people on the street. Naturally, there were courts. But people defended... At the last session this hostel was transferred to the municipal possession and given облводхозу".

The national darling spoke about what hostels unclear, after all to the address: Artem, 4 isn't present any hostel, there is an inhabited apartment house!

Got from Pspushnitsa and to police officers who carried out an inspection according to the statement of the official.

"Me call in militia, and with threats. But on January 2 I, of course, didn't go. Anybody didn't give the agenda to me still, caused by phone. Also spoke:"If you don't come and we on you will hang up everything, we now will arrive by car, we almost won't arrest you".At first any Vergiles, then Kuznetsov called. But, as then I found out, Kuznetsov is a chief of regional department... I already came after days off, offered an explanation as it is necessary. But at me finger-printed. For me it, naturally, humiliating...", - I declaredT. Diament. These are rather serious charges to the chief of the District Department of Internal Affairs. As so "to threaten" the deputy of city council …

As everything was actually, nobody knows. Therefore we will wait for official statements from Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area which will shed light on this situation.

Certainly, there was a wish that light was shed also on the phraseT. Diament: "It stole budget money, steals and will steal".

We hope that competent authorities, will give in the near future the assessment as activity of the citizen Pismenny at a position of the head of department of melioration and a water management of area, and T. Diament at a position of the director of JSC Ekovodservice.

Correspondent"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"within four days I tried to communicate withSergey Nikolaevich Pismenny, but as it appeared, it is quite problematic. It or is constantly occupied, or it isn't present on a workplace. Nobody is going to call back too, probably.

However shortly to it affairs it will be set in motion. As it became known"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", one of People's Deputies of Ukraine became interested in activity of regional management of melioration and a water management of the Nikolaev area and JSC Ekovodservice. At present the deputy inquiry in appropriate authorities, for carrying out check of activity of both structures prepares.

We will look, than it everything will end …

Reference:The Nikolaev regional production management of melioration and water management (Oblvodkhoz) is the structural organization of specially authorized body of executive power for a water management and land reclamation in management and control branch on use and protection of waters and a reconstruction of water resources - the State committee of Ukraine on a water management (Gosvodkhoz).

Main tasksNikolaev regional production management of melioration and water management:

the organization of implementation of long-term and comprehensive programs for development of land reclamation and improvement of an ecological condition of irrigated grounds, protection against harmful effect of waters of rural settlements and agricultural grounds;

complex implementation organizationally - technical actions for ensuring working capacity, repair, preservation, the contents and survey works on separate objects of engineering infrastructure of the state intereconomic meliorative systems;

the organization of operation of intereconomic meliorative systems and separate objects of engineering infrastructure in area territory which are in state ownership;

implementation of the actions connected with prevention of harmful effect of waters and elimination of its consequences, including antiflood protection of rural settlements and lands;

and much, many other....


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