In Nikolayevshchina two young guys killed the rabotodatelnitsa and dug a corpse on the next dump

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Disappearance 45 - the summer inhabitant of Pervomaisk remained unnoticed by locals. The woman with the passport of the citizen of one of the Baltic countries lived a long time in the territory of Ukraine and worked at one of private enterprises on collecting secondary raw materials. Svetlana on a village fence of the city lived, work sufficed for the whole day therefore also at home I appeared very late. Svetlana communicated with neighbors reluctantly, the main time her life was taken by work. It was necessary to work hard because it was necessary to help also to the two sons who lived in the same city.

Work made for Svetlana quite good profit, besides at the enterprise it got paid therefore decided to involve in this work of two assistants. Assistants shouldn't be looked for long, two 19 - summer guys every day wandered around the city in search of adventures. Children who were without work, liked the offer of an odnoselchanka and they decided to earn too thus. Everything developed well, money received everything for the work. Svetlana was generous to the assistants, she paid to them money, with everything helped, and after work also invited children to itself home where I fed them.

Such relations between employees lasted more than two years, but in one evening everything ended. That day, as always after work, Svetlana and her assistants came home to have supper to it. Earned that day not bad, and Svetlana about it decided to indulge the assistants with alcohol. Vodka "struck" to one of guys and he started behaving inadequately. Warm feelings to the employer at the guy suddenly disappeared.

He started anew to call Svetlana, and then wanted to start a fight. Svetlana was surprised with behavior of the guy and reminded it of potatoes thefts from her cellar about which earlier simply I was silent.Charge of thefts of potatoes infuriated Dmitry. It jumped out from - for a table and with special cruelty started beating the woman. Svetlana died of the received damages in the same evening.

Profit washing at once turned into commemoration. Two young children drank vodka, ate, and in the middle of the room the corpse of the spoiled hostess lay. Having nourishingly had supper, guys took out Svetlana's corpse on a local dump where it and dug at night. Since then passed three months, but during this time her sons didn't become interested in disappearance of the woman even. In regional department didn't arrive any address about disappearance of the person. The indifference of fellows villager struck. The closed house on the suburb of the city came into the view of the local militia inspector. He was interested that some days in a row in the house light doesn't burn. Information on Svetlana's disappearance was confirmed also by neighbors. Militiamen started fulfilling all possible details which would indicate location of the woman and people with whom she communicated in due time. The circle of the people possessing at least any information of rather disappeared woman, was gradually narrowed to two guys who though it is very rare, but all - came into the view of fellows villager, as Svetlana's acquaintances. About it reports TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

When all details of incident were found out by employees of militia, it was necessary to visit the main heroes of this history only. To Denis militiamen came while he ate the fried potatoes stolen from a cellar of Svetlana, and in the head recreated the "courageous" act. The second criminal detained on the same day in one of city bars. For all the time after murder commission Svetlana's guys even didn't try to think up a legend of events of that of day and at least any alibi. for itself. In conversations both started being confused to militiamen in the indications and soon admitted murder commission. Denis even after the announcement to him charge of a crime doesn't consider himself guilty. For it and I employed murder of the woman who fed him, isn't a crime, it is simple such small adventure, small misunderstanding which, in his opinion, happens to everyone.


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