Juvenile vandals who coveted 17 graves

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At the beginning of spring on a cemetery in one of settlements of the Novoodesky area in Nikolayevshchina before eyes of citizens there was rather sad picture - the destroyed monuments from the granite crumb, the brought-down wooden crosses, the broken flower vases. It was impossible to look without tears at the broken plates of 17 graves. And all this is a consequence of "rest" of unknown vandals.

For them stood nothing to be trampled on the last haven of ancestors, to discredit the acts light memory of the one who already isn't present on this earth. And it without stopping at all on a material aspect of a question, after all establishment of one monument costs about one and a half thousand hryvnias.

Inhabitants were excited with this cynical act because for the small settlement it there was a resonance. It seemed that for vandals who mocked at graves, there is nothing sacred, and the question concerning search of hooligans was is put by an edge.

After carrying out careful check of all educational institutions and the enterprises located in the territory of the area, carrying out domestic rounds and other search actions bad people were established.

Shocking surprise was that vandals who were detained by police officers in the Novoodesky area, appeared 17 and 13 summer pupils of local rural school.

They told guards that the alcohol taken by them became the reason of such act. That evening friends who had more than rather free time, as always, decided to pass away the time behind a beer bottle. Parents didn't worry, than their children and children to whom already I went hop to the head are engaged, wandering on the native settlement, got on a local cemetery. The drunk alcohol I have an effect and minors, being proud before each other of the force, began трощить graves, to beat out vase establishment on gravestones, to destroy tables and benches. Then, having agreed that they don't answer any questions of police officers, quietly went on houses.

Both teenagers grew in incomplete families, at 17-ти the annual guy also a bad example before eyes - his elder brother was condemned for theft commission earlier. That connected these children having a sufficient difference for their age, it isn't known. They say that common interests but as what they were shown - the distinct answer guards didn't hear.

Now rather minor vandals criminal case under article 296 UK of Ukraine - "Hooliganism" is brought, to the senior from friends the measure of restraint - recognizance not to leave, and concerning younger is chosen, actions of educational character will be chosen.

Victims of their actions inhabitants of the village submitted applications to district court, but the material loss on renewal of the destroyed monuments will be hardly indemnified - simply there are no material resources for this purpose in families of offenders. And as for a moral aspect, it is necessary to hope that children really repent of deeds and won't repeat such acts.


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