The commission on morals was going to bend the Internet - providers and to cherish a positive ideal

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The head of the National commission of experts concerning protection of public morals Vasily Kostitsky is concerned by a situation with observance of the legislation on protection of public morals on the Internet.

He told about it, addressing participants of the congress "Ukraine on a way to information society" in the Ukrainian house.

"Near a huge number of useful materials the Internet bears considerable volume unethical, and even illegal information. It is a question of distribution by means of the Internet of the materials propagandizing violence and cruelty, the use of drugs and ways of their production, terrorism, pedophilia, the pornography inciting to racial intolerance or racial discrimination and so forth. The national commission is extremely concerned by a situation with observance of the legislation on protection of public morals in the Ukrainian segment of the Internet. Worldwide network - the site of an information field least cultivated in the legal plan. In the Ukrainian legislation the Internet status that does impossible implementation профилактическо - precautionary actions for the purpose of prevention of its possible destructive information influence" isn't written out even, - he told.

According to mister Kostitsky, for the purpose of legislation improvement in this sphere in the National commission new edition of the Law of Ukraine "About protection of public morals" and changes in 15 acts of Ukraine is developed. He called "the Internet - the public" to join discussion of this bill which is published through an official web - a site of the National commission, and to make the offers.

"On existing international practice providers notify law enforcement agencies in case of identification of sites of the pornographic contents, promote establishment of data on their owners and users.In the Senate of the USA, for example, the bill is now considered, agrees with which providers who revealed at itself on sites of the pornophoto of children, are obliged not to delete them, and to keep as material evidences and to report about incident in the National center for questions of the disappeared or exploited children (NCMEC), providing it information on the persons tied with the address of forbidden materials. If the provider doesn't report about incident, it will fine of $150 thousand for each image in day. In repeated cases the sum of a penalty will be increased in two or three times. Instead domestic providers don't address to militiamen with such applications for suspicions in the commission of crime, the Criminal code of Ukraine provided by Art. 301", - mister Kostitsky explained the position.

In his opinion, "that isn't allowed in a life, a family, on the street, in public places, shouldn't be allowed and on the Internet", and "everything that is a criminal offense, shouldn't exist with impunity and on the Internet". At the same time Vasily Kostitsky noted that "it isn't volume to limit or not distribution of a destructive content on the Internet", instead the state and society have to "at the level of national mass media, the Internet to ask a question of meaning of the life of the person, to create not system of a ban, and to cherish a positive ideal for the sake of which would cost was to live and work".

From Regional committee: Perhaps, g - N the moralist and the truth found where - that in the secretariat of the Senate of the USA the idiotic bill of a penalty to provider in $150 thousand a day for each photo (in what in general - that is doubts though fossil morons in any parliament of the world suffice), however we consider a duty to tell to Kostitsky that to adopt the law and to register the bill - different things (in Ukraine of wons Terekhin as - that for April 1 the bill on fat gave). Respectively to refer to that where - that there is considered, - it is already incorrect. And to everything in this situation also it is silly. As any hasn't enough - мальски the person familiar with the Internet knows that the provider physically won't be able to trace every day all the content. However, it to vegetables from Komisiya on morals with which the computer still completely replace accounting scores, it isn't let know...


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