Today from - for "a spring aggravation" at vitrenkovets, was almost not real to wait for GAI departure to the place of road accident

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We will remind that on March 14 vitrenkovets began procession around the city, from long-distance bus station to Sovetskaya Street, having collected near itself almost all city militia.

When the staff of GAI blocked roads to pass to colon on the carriageway, practically all city remained "without supervision". On city roads there are road accidents which create huge jams and discomfort for participants of traffic.

Had accidents simply can't wait for the staff of GAI as those are occupied with road blocking for carrying out march of a protest of PSPU.

For example, on Lenin Avenue and Sovetskaya Street crossing two share taxis owing to what traffic also towards the Pushkin ring was blocked off around 12.30 faced. However to a scene within an hour there didn't arrive any employee of the State automobile inspection.

Drivers weren't simply dissatisfied with the situation which has developed on roads, but also didn't hesitate to express the indignation of obscene lexicon towards the political force which has organized march of a protest.


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