In absurd accident on Kosmonavtov Street three nikolayevets suffered yesterday. At 10 - the summer girl the hip

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On April 14 at half past three p.m. on Kosmonavtov Street around Kosmos movie theater there was an accident. As reports the center for GAI public relations, 34 - the summer driver of the car "VAZ-21061", the inhabitant of the village Hristoforovka of the Bashtansky area, it was inattentive on the road, as became the road accident reason.

Having seen on the road of people who crossed the road on the crosswalk, it curtailed to the left, and the car crashed into a moped of "Sabur" which moved to the left of it in the passing direction.

After that the car "VAZ-21013" which moved behind in the same direction, brought down the woman with the small child, crossing the road on the crosswalk. As a result of accident at 32 - the summer driver of a moped - a bruise of the left shin and the left foot, at 46 - the summer woman - the pedestrian - a bruise of the head and the right shoulder and a face wound, and at it 10 - the summer daughter - concussion and a fracture of the right hip. All victims are delivered in BSMP.


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