Nikolaev Mchsniki showed to a kindergarten No. 10 the work. Children told that "alien" "splashed" fire

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On May 20 in kindergarten No. 10 which is on Nikolayevskaya Street, rescuers met kids.

At first in a music hall tutors held competition among children on knowledge of fire safety regulations and ability to rescue toys from a flaring doll lodge.

Kids showed to guests symbolical dance. Some girls dressed in suits of fire, turned on a hall, did a wheel and stretched out while to them there were no boys in suits of rescuers and didn't extinguish them a barrel with liquid for washing of windows.

When competition ended, and between two competing teams we have a draw, the junior inspector of SGPCh of 2 Ministries of Emergency Situations on protection of Leninsky district Maxim Kovalenko presented to children toy fire machines.

In the yard of a garden of children I expected one more surprise - the real fire truck and the real rescuers.

We asked the pupil of a kindergarten Yaroslav, whether he who arrived knows?

Yaroslav: "Firemen".

- What do they do?

Yaroslav: "Fire extinguish".

- What for?

Tanya: "That there was no fire that people didn't burn down".

Before fire truck one of the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations began to put on in a special suit in which rescuers liquidate fire.

- We will look right now as will splash, - someone from children of action of the rescuer commented.

- Whom? - other child asked.

- Fire.

- And what, fire it is possible to splash?

At last the rescuer put on a silvery suit and approached to children.

- Aliens went! - children cried.

When rescuers by means of a hose pumped water and showed how they extinguish a fire, children were delighted.

At the end of a meeting kids gave each other a helmet from a suit of firefighters and serially tried on it.


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