Since the beginning of year 21 persons rolled in the Nikolaev area

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The Nikolaev rescuers remind that water can bear threat. Since the beginning of year 21 persons rolled in the Nikolaev area, from them three children. And all across Ukraine 401 persons, from them 40 children were lost.

The center of promotion of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area reminds the basic rules of safety which it is necessary to adhere during rest on water.

It is allowed to bathe in quiet windless weather at water temperature not less than +18 about With, air - not lower than +24 about C.

Don't get into water in an unfamiliar place for you, avoid reservoirs with a rapid current, you don't come into drunk water, never swim alone, especially if aren't sure of the forces.

Bathing on "a wild beach" or in an unfamiliar place, don't dive from the coast, a hill, a tree, and it is necessary to enter water slowly, carefully, trying a bottom a foot. It is better to bathe where there are rescue services, especially watch children: their behavior in water is unpredictable.

It is necessary to attach a pin if it is far from the coast a spasm to swimming trunks will cramp a hand or a foot, the prick of a pin will help to restore elasticity of muscles.

Refrain from distant heats.

Remember that overcooling - the main reason of tragic cases.

On the flat rivers there are many holes and deepenings. They artfully meet near tongues of sand, under the coast where children especially like to bathe.

On the sea it is necessary to consider always waves which can turn the person at an entrance to water. Don't try to float against a wave. It is worth being extremely careful near water cuts. Don't dive from them because it is possible to fall, - they very slippery of - for seaweed. Don't swim away for anchor buoys!

The Ministry of Emergency Situations warns: on water the fear is the main reason of death of people. In most cases people who are able to swim sink, and with self-confidence swim away far from the coast.

You remember, water of mistakes doesn't forgive. Your life in your hands.


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