Since the beginning of June, despite continuous raids of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, in Nikolayevshchina recorded record-breaking large number of victims on water

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Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area only in 9 days of June recorded record-breaking large number of victims on water - 3 adults and 4 children. In total since the beginning of year in area 28 people, including 7 children were lost. Almost every day it is necessary to establish the deadly facts on water objects of area, especially it concerns children. Bathing in the forbidden places and in an alcohol intoxication, and among children - bathing without supervision of parents is the main reasons of tragedies.

So, only for the past weekend on water 3 children were lost. Reports the GU Ministry of Emergency Situations central processing unit of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area.

It should be noted that in city boundaries of Nikolaev citizens use some unauthorized places for beach rest therefore the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations carry regularly out raids in spontaneous vacation spots near reservoirs, saving posts and stations of official beaches also are checked.

During similar raids, it is carried out it is information - explanatory work among the population. However many neglect safety rules on water.

So, on the Alluvium, checking found having a rest people: among them there were children without adults, women with small children. Some of vacationers drank ashore beer, and after went to bathe, without paying any attention to a strong wind and the plate with a ban about bathing. Staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations communicated to children who were on a beach. Children told that on a beach they one, without parents. Whether on a question parents to children allow to visit the small river, unanimously answered positively. So, to parents, it is necessary to reflect on safety of the children and to remember that their rest didn't turn on trouble.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations reminds common truths: not to release at all children on a reservoir, not to allow them to bathe without supervision of adults.Bathing shouldn't take place in not equipped places where there are no life-saving stations and posts. Not to allow at all to children to dive from bridges, moorings.

Remember that life of children entirely depends on adults.


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