In Nikolayevshchina water again took away three lives

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On July 3 in quickly - dispatching service 101 from the person on duty of militia of the city of Voznesensk the message, about that that about 21 arrived: 00 during bathing in the river the Southern Bug near the settlement of city type Aleksandrovka, was gone безвести the boy of 1996 year of birth resident Voznesensk. In three days the body of the boy was found by locals пгт Aleksandrovka. The second case occurred on July 4 again in the city of Voznesensk. There the man of 1965 year of birth was gone in the accumulative reservoir intended for an irrigation of the farmland during drunk bathing. On July 6 the body of the victim was found by the resident Voznesensk. For establishment of a cause of death the body is delivered in a forensic medical examination. On July 5 too after rest near the Sofiyevsky reservoir of the Novobugsky region of the Nikolaev area безвести the man of 1964 year of birth was gone. On July 6 the body of the victim was found by locals. About it reports the Center of promotion of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area.

Everything, since the beginning of year in Nikolayevshchina the water elements took away lives already 49 inhabitants, from them ten children.

To avoid similar cases, from service Ministry of Emergency Situations scheduled maintenance is constantly carried out. But the main mistake of people is that everyone considers that the such can happen to anyone, but only not to it.

Therefore, having a rest on water, it is necessary to remember: water doesn't forgive imprudence. And in order to avoid trouble, it is necessary to remember security measures always:

bathing shouldn't take place on not equipped places;

it is impossible to leave children without supervision of seniors or parents;

it is better to bathe several times for 15-20 min. - when cooling there can be spasms, occur respiratory standstill and consciousness loss;

it is impossible to enter water in an alcohol intoxication as the alcohol blocks the sosudosuzhayushchy and vasodilating center of a brain;

it isn't allowed to dive from bridges, moorings, piers, to swim up to close passable boats, boats, vessels;

You remember, the neglect these rules can lead to traumatizing or death.


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