The vessel "Beriks" with rotten meat continues to drift in the Black Sea and now wants to get to Ochakov port

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The vessel "Beriks" with an overdue Brazilian bird, the Chinese girlfriends and unknown pork drifts in the Black Sea.

Having loaded in the Georgian port Poti, "Beriks" had to go to Mersin port in Turkey. However from - for engine breakages the vessel stopped in Kerch port. There the veterinary service checked documents on freight and found - an expiration date of chicken meat, pork and rabbit flesh expired almost... three years ago. Further "Beriks" refused to accept the ports of Feodosiya, Evpatoria, Nikolaev as the veterinary service suspects stay of meat of the dangerous virus which trace is allegedly recorded in Georgia. Onboard "Beriksa" in hostages of "expired meat" now there are 8 Ukrainian seamen.

- Now "Beriks" costs on raid in 2 km from the coast, - the dispatcher of Youzhny port told. - We don't feel any smells.

- According to navigation safety, we brought water, provisions and fuel, - explained in Youzhny port labor union, - we help, than we can.

Refrigeration units work for them. Otherwise present that would be. At the same time the captain with crew have no right to leave from a vessel, they are responsible for its freight. While a situation under control. If there is an emergency situation, all region is threatened by an ecological disaster. In the Atlantic Ocean from this meat of a trace wouldn't remain, and our Black Sea bull-calf won't consult...

- The psychological situation on a vessel is strained, - the captain Leonid Prokhorov told, - seamen morally were tired. Physically all are healthy. In this situation on meat it is necessary to take analyses. And not to be engaged in such nonsense, as mass media. Refrigerators freeze. And here if the crew leaves a vessel, meat is exact завоняется in four days when temperature won't be maintained in holds.

Sailors from "Beriks" by phone told that at once some refrigerators broke, and in hold without gas mask not to go down. Probably, in this regard some mass media already ruthlessly christened a vessel "the smelly Dutch"...

At the same time public health services of Ukraine don't allow unloading of a vessel in one of ports, and it is impossible to get rid of meat in neutral waters from - for lack of special equipment. The law defines:meat which is low-quality and dangerous, has to be utilized at the expense of the owner or is returned back.

While "Beriks" is on raid of Youzhny port all measures for safety of seamen and a vessel are applied. And regional government of the Ministry of Emergency Situations even started developing the plan of evacuation of seamen for SOS signal. But it didn't give. In Odessa meeting of the extraordinary antiepizootic commission which established took place that meat "is onboard unsuccessful" and therefore the vessel can't be started up to the water area of any port of the region, and to send it it is necessary to the port of destination.

- The vessel didn't give never SOS signal, - the deputy governor of Odessa region Nikolay Kiseolar told. - There was also no signal of vessel breakage, in this case the port would have to help with repair work. From Youzhny the vessel has to go to Ochakov port, the Nikolaev area.

Point of view

At the same time representatives of shipping company - the charterer "Beriks" don't agree that meat is spoiled:

- This hearing that freight is spoiled, let orally, there is no document, - Tatyana Kochur told. - We have all international certificates on freight. The vessel was examined by frontier guards, they can confirm that refrigerator installations work at full capacity and provide appropriate temperature. Seamen used this meat in food, and all are healthy. On a vessel there are problems with auxiliary mechanisms, the generator, with the main engine. We signed the contract on ship repair. But the captain of the Nikolaev sea trade port categorically refused to us. Any independent expertize wasn't carried out, any veterinary or sanitarno - the epidemiological doctor didn't rise by a vessel. Vessel team on a limit. People believe us that we will be able to achieve permission of this question. The shipping company appealed in prosecutor's office of the Factory district of the city of Nikolaev to understand legality of refusal to accept the broken vessel.


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