In Nikolayevshchina, in the river the Southern Bug two girls - orphans

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In Nikolayevshchina, during rest on the river, two sisters were lost. As reports the GU Ministry of Emergency Situations central processing unit of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area, incident happened in the afternoon 16-го July on the river bank the Southern Bug in the village the Stone beam of the May Day area.

9-ти summer Lida, the schoolgirl 4-го a class of local school and it 16-ти the summer sister Yulia, the student of the first course of professional technical school, were on vacation. Both girls, lived in the village the Stone beam with the grandmother who, besides, was also their trustee. The father and mother of girls were deprived of the parental rights from - for a psychiatric disease.

Daily sisters went to bathe. The river in that place rough, with numerous whirlpools, a contraflow, but not deep, to two meters.

That day, the local fisherman catching fish from own, specially equipped place near the coast, in 300-x meters from a scene. Having seen that children need the help, the man immediately jumped in the boat and floated to them. Unfortunately, when it reached, on a surface already was nobody. The desperate fisherman started diving and soon found elder sister, and a bit later and younger. Girls were already dead. The man delivered both bodies to the coast, and ran to the village for help.

To the place of the tragedy I arrived it is investigative - task force of regional police station and task force of regional department of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations. Bodies of girls, for establishment a final cause of death, are sent to a mortuary of the central regional hospital.

As the chief of Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Nikolay Postupalsky commented on a situation: "Only for July in the Nikolaev area on water 15 people, from them 4 children were lost, and all since the beginning of year water took away lives of 55 people, among which 12 children. For situation stabilization, the head department created the staff working round the clock, one of the main which directions of activity - the prevention of death of people on water.Except numerous information in authorities and departments, road checks of vacation spots on reservoirs, continuous cautions through mass media, the Nikolaev rescuers even carry out rounds of the yards and houses of citizens to warn about danger. We hope that people in response to our efforts, will start treating own life as receiving personal experience manages too expensive" more carefully.


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