Karakurta in Nikolayevshchina bit two more people, on the account "black widows" already seven victims

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In the south of Ukraine, in the Nikolaev area, deadly spiders - каракурты, or as them still call, "black widows" continue the hunting. 7 inhabitants of the Nikolaev area became victims of stings of these dangerous insects for the summer period already. Fortunately, nobody was lost.

So, on August 15 in the village Estuaries of the Zhovtnevy area the sting case каракурта was recorded. The poisonous spider bit 45-ти the summer woman. The victim in a condition of average weight was hospitalized in toxicosis - therapeutic office of BSMP of Nikolaev.

The following case occurred 17-го August already in Nikolaev in one of the private yards down the street Vasilevsky. This time the spider bit 27 - ми the summer man. The victim is in a condition of average weight in toxicosis - therapeutic office of BSMP of Nikolaev.

- The most dangerous females каракурта. Poison каракурта strikes nervous system, causes in the person failure in work warmly - vascular system, closeness, spasms. Stings can lead to the general poisoning, sometimes with a deadly outcome", - the chief of sector of health protection and the physician - biological protection of GU Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Sergey Bakunets makes comments. - By sight каракурт small or average size spider: length of a body of a female - 10-20 mm, a male - 4-7 mm. Coloring - black color with red or серебристо - white tochechka.

In case of a sting in 15 minutes there are symptoms - violation of breath and warm activity, change in consciousness ("blackout"), panic fear. Quite often there is a strong pain syndrome - intolerable pain in a thorax, a stomach or a waist.

And in general to describe symptoms from a sting каракурта it is difficult - very often such poisoning similar, whether on a heart attack, whether on stomach ulcer. Dangerously also that quite often people don't react in due time to a sting. And through a certain period of time the state of health worsens more and more.

Sting каракурта not really painful - pain approximately such, as if you were pinned on a prickle.On a place of a sting it is possible to see a small red speck, in it - two tiny white points, traces from poison introduction.

Effective measures at first aid - cauterization. It is necessary quickly within two minutes прижечь a sting place a flame of a head of a match and to allow it to burn down completely in a wound. Thus collapses from 90 to 100 percent of poison. By the way, in case of a sting a snake it is impossible to apply cauterization.

After all teeth even the smallest snake gets very deeply. And каракурт enters poison into the top part of skin, cauterization destroys poison - when it didn't get yet into bodies and tissues of a body. After that the victim should be sent to hospital.

Head department Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Nikolaev area warns: you remember that in operating time on a kitchen garden, on a country site, walk in the wood it is necessary to put on, have the closed footwear, to work with gardening stock in gloves. The footwear during the summer period can't be left near a threshold at home or dachas, it is necessary to be careful at visit of unfamiliar places. Protect the life and health.


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