Nearly 20 of 30 fires of a grass and garbage in Nikolayevshchina occur from - for our negligence

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Every day the Nikolaev rescuers fix from 25 to 30 fires in days. 85% of total of fires are fires in the open territory: the dry grass and garbage burns.

Human imprudence and hot weather which promotes fire distribution is the main reason of emergence of fires.

Repeatedly the staff of the Ministry of Emergency Situations paid attention of citizens to observance of fire safety regulations, both in the open territory and near roadsides of roads, in forest belts, the woods and park zones.

Unfortunately, some "law-abiding" citizens and continue to violate fire safety regulations, without reflecting on consequences which can arise from - for such negligence. Who during movement through a window of own car throws out the stubs some, having a rest outdoors, kindle fires without observing elementary safety rules, and, or essentially or on pleasures from summer vacations, someone specially sets fire to garbage and a grass.

Few people think of this problem, without understanding that environment and an ecosystem suffers from fires in whole. Besides, at grass fires on roadsides of roads there is a strong smoke that increases accident rate on highways and often leads to road accident.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations warns! Dear citizens! You extinguish stubs and don't throw them into a grass. Don't burn garbage! Respect itself and people around!


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