"The death road" Odessa - Nikolaev

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Route "Odessa — Melitopol — Novoazovsk" site between Nikolayev and Odessa in the people for a long time call "cemetery". Funeral wreaths by which places of death of people are noted, meet almost on each kilometer. And GAI reports from this route sometimes remind messages on operations.

For a start - the small reference. Extent of a site of the highway M-14 (Е 58) "Odessa - Melitopol - Novoazovsk" from Odessa to Nikolaev - namely about this site will go the speech - makes 73,6 km. Statistically, this main highway most abnormally - the dangerous route from all roads of the Nikolaev area.

Since the beginning of 2008 on this site of the road 57 road accidents in which 23 persons died are registered already and 77 are injured. For comparison: on the main highway Resident of Ulyanovsk - Nikolaev M-23 which passes through Pervomaisk and Voznesensk, for the similar period of time happened 64 road accidents in which 27 people died and 78 are injured. But - the route M-23 by 66 of km is longer, than M-14.

We decided to be passed from Nikolaev to Odessa and back that eyes to see that is created on this road and to try to find out that is the reason of such large number of incidents with a deadly outcome. And in more detail to understand in a situation, we invited in a trip of the employee of GAI who daily watches traffic safety on this site of the road.

Before travel we asked our fellow traveler to depict the main reasons for which there are accidents. According to him, the main reason for high level of accident rate on the highway M-14 is that the road is too loaded, and at existing intensity of a traffic its geometrical parameters already became obsolete long ago. And it is valid, on all extent (except for 3 km at entry into Nikolaev and into Odessa) the route has on only one lane in each party, and it at very bigger saturation of transport streams and big speeds.

We decided to divide our route into two stages: site of the road in the Nikolaev area and a site of the road in Odessa region.

So, what we saw? On this route odd shaped transport - from mopeds on which inhabitants of nearby villages reach in the regional and regional centers, huge trucks moves.

During a trip we conducted calculation of vehicles which moved to us towards. On the way to Odessa counted about 324 cars, more than 140 trucks, 20 minibuses, about 100 vehicles with average dimensions, 1 cyclist, 1 moped and 1 tractor.

On the way back the picture was almost same: 334 cars, more than 150 trucks, 23 minibuses and the bus, about 110 vehicles with average dimensions, 2 cyclists and 1 moped.

On official statistics in 2002 the transport stream made 10 thousand cars in days, in 2007 - already 12 thousand

At once awful quality of a paving in the Nikolaev area is evident. For Koblevo, right after the sign "Welcome to Odessa Region", the situation changes sharply, made impression that you get to other state. It is noted by all - both drivers, and the staff of GAI. In spite of the fact that the route in the territory of Odessa region of the same width, as in Nikolaev, a paving differs cardinally. It appears, the road site from Nikolaev to border with Odessa region capitally wasn't under repair never! Every year yamochny repair and laying of a thin layer covering on separate sites is carried out. In the light of it involuntarily you remember conversations of the city authorities on construction of the bypass bridge round Nikolaev that will allow to unload the main streets of Nikolaev. Yes, it is necessary, but then the transport stream on the route M-14 becomes even more intensive and the quantity of large-size transport will increase. And nobody speaks about expansion M-14 words.

Thus experts note that the greatest number of road accident occurs on a piece from Nikolaev to border of Odessa region, especially in the summer as on this site transport streams which move from Hugo's different directions - east region to Odessa connect.

It should be noted that on entrances to abnormally - to dangerous sites of this road, and also in places of the greatest concentration of road accident are established big - борды warning and preventive character. Yes the really big - борды are established - 2 near Koblevo's village and one by 128 km of the highway. But what it gives?.

We live in a mad rhythm. Everything is constant where - that hurry, and often neglect the safety. In it, during our travel, we were convinced repeatedly.Hardly left Nikolaev as us overtook some cars among which was both the regular bus, and a minibus Nikolaev - Odessa, and some trucks - with violation of, at least, several rules: with speed excess, with crossing "continuous" …

And here when all circumstances are imposed one on another - traffic violation of the rules, bad weather conditions, unsatisfactory quality of a paving and feature are expensive with its descents and liftings - the trouble can occur at any time.

From Nikolaev to Odessa 5 places with the greatest concentration of road accident are defined, namely: 81-82 km (Berezansky turn), 93-94 km (the district of the village of Chapayevk), 103-104 km (descent to Ochakov turn), 113 km (the district of the village Komsomol) and 128-129 km (the region of a stele "Nikolaev"). Exactly in these parts it is possible to see the most large number of funeral wreaths and monuments. And in general, in the territory of the Nikolaev area along the route M-14 we counted about 58 funeral signs, in the territory Odessa - about 20-ти.

On the basis of official statistics of GAI (for 2006 and 2007) we made some "terrible" ratings of the route M-14 in the Nikolaev area.

Rating of the most dangerous sites of the route (in the Nikolaev area):

1 place: 78 - 89 km: 26 road accidents, 10 victims, 59 are injured.

2 place: 109 - 116 km: 22 road accidents, 9 victims, 39 are injured.

3 place: 56 - 64 km: 20 road accidents, 6 victims, 31 are injured.

4 place: 126 - 129 km: 15 road accidents, 5 victims, 13 are injured.

Rating of the most deadly kilometers of the route (in the Nikolaev area):

93 km - 6 death.

90 km - 5 death.

79 and 123 km - 4 death

Rating of the most deadly sites of the route (in the Nikolaev area):

123-128 km - 9 death.

89-90 km - 8 death.

93-96 km - 8 death.

58-61 km - 6 death.

79-82 km - 6 death.

On each of these emergency sites of the road we stopped with a radar and watched (within about 20 minutes) going cars. On all sites drivers made the most rough violations of traffic regulations (overtaking with crossing "double continuous"; speed excess; overtaking on a site with limited visibility etc.).And violations were made with a frequency, on the average, one in a minute! So, the radar recorded that cars were carried by by us with a speed of 110 - 170 km/h, and not only "fancy" foreign cars, but also modest cars with a small engine displacement. Significantly drivers of trip minibuses, in whose hands - life of tens passengers exceed speed even. In particular, one of minibuses with the plate "Odessa-Nikolaev" flew on abnormally - to a dangerous site with a speed of 118 km/h … We noticed and such violation: on a steep slope (!) the driver at a speed of 130 km/h (!) made overtaking of the car which went with a speed about 100 km/h. Similar cases we counted about 6-ти - and more than once "obgonshchik" came back to the strip, slipping literally "before a nose" the cars rushing on the counter...

It should be noted that the staff of GAI does everything possible to reduce number of road accident. For this purpose on the road GAI posts are daily exposed. On three stationary posts which are established at departure from Odessa and Nikolaev, and in Koblevo's village watch it is conducted round the clock.

We managed to communicate to the chief of GAI of the Berezansky region of the Nikolaev area senior lieutenant Dmitry Gerzhev. He told that this route is served by the Koblevsky company of GAI. Daily on the route it is exposed on 6 mobile dresses - generally on road sites which have the status abnormally - dangerous. "Abnormally - dangerous sites are, where big concentration of road accident. The status of an emergency site is given when on this site in a year there are 3 and more road accidents. Mobile posts are exposed on most abnormally - dangerous sites - near intersections and in settlements", - D. Gerzhev tells.

Concerning the Berezansky site of the route it noted the following: "This year on the Berezansky site of the route road accident growth is observed. Accident rate increased for 45%. If to speak in figures, last year for the similar period there were 9 road accidents in which nobody died and 6 people suffered. This year there were 10 road accidents, and 1 person was lost and 10 people suffered. Growth according to mortality made + 85%".

About the reasons which involve road accident and about what exit from current situation, D. Gerzhev answered: "On this route very big stream of transport, especially moves to a season of holidays. Staff of GAI hopes that to this road will give the status 1 or the highest technical category.If it occurs, the road will have to broaden - to build the autobahn on which will be on 2 strips in each party. It will help to unload the route".

Road accidents happen, generally from - that drivers exceed speed and make overtaking in badly looked through territories. "In particular, in the territory of the Berezansky area there are many turns, liftings and descents where visibility is limited. That's it there most often there are accidents", - D. Gerzhev told.

And it is valid, to affect a situation with accident rate which developed on the highway M-14, only forces of GAI it is impossible. Today the issue of strengthening of responsibility of drivers for traffic violation of the rules isn't resolved yet. Many feel with impunity and violate rules вовосю.

Before our eyes the driver on the minibus "Mitsubishi" crossed "continuous" and made overtaking. Staff of GAI stopped the violator, made the protocol. But … in a few minutes the same car again makes similar violation.

During a trip we were convinced more than once that drivers ignore traffic regulations. For example, when we went on speed of 80 - 100 km/h, us, crossing "continuous", overtook about 8 cars, and 2 of them - trip minibuses! And as soon as we drove to Odessa region, us the car at once "cut" "VAZ" at which on a body advertizing of the Odessa security firm "Patriot" dazzled. Not only that "cut", so also overtook at very high speed. By a radar which the employee of GAI accompanying us had, we defined, with what speed this car went. It appeared that 128 km/h...

It is interesting that, having come nearer to GAI post, our "Patriot" dumped speed, and safely passed by the staff of car inspection.

... By the way, when we came back from Odessa, "Patriot" already familiar to us started over again "to behave in a queer way" on the road, but again remained unpunished. Possibly "reckless driver" goes on this road every day and already learned where there are GAI posts.

Having stopped on the Koblevsky stationary post of GAI, we decided to ask inspectors, whether often drivers break traffic regulations? We were told that "catch" violators generally in twilight or when fog is condensed. And in the rest of the time the road is well looked through therefore, seeing GAI post, the majority of drivers becomes "good children".

The same we were answered also by the employee of the Odessa post of GAI who was on duty on a stationary post at entry into the city."Generally emergency sites are turns where on the road there is a continuous strip, but people don't turn on this attention, try to overtake - and have accidents", - he told. The inspector called some sites in territory of Odessa region which are considered abnormally - dangerous. It is turn on Southern and turn with a fork before a stationary post of GAI at entry into Odessa. Generally accidents there happen in a night-time, drivers go without "dimensions", sometimes don't notice the pedestrians who have jumped out on the road.

As employees of the State traffic inspectorate note, drivers go to winter time much more accurately - are afraid of the slippery road.

And here in the summer …

As the inspector of GAI accompanying us told, in the summer on the resorts of the Black Sea Russians, Belarusians, Moldavians go - and here they - that strongly "behave in a queer way". "They have for speed excess very heavy fines, here they at us on roads and "come off". But a problem that the road has the features and specifics about which visitors can't know", - he told.

With foreigners, according to him, there is also other problem. After all if they come across on traffic violations of the rules, it is necessary to make the protocol and immediately to carry them to court. And it is expenses of time, gasoline … Besides, when the patrol will leave with abnormally - a dangerous site, there can be a road accident and to whom then this protocol on the foreigner is necessary? "It should threaten simply with a finger and to say that so it is impossible to do", - the inspector complains.

And here of discipline of drivers from EU countries in our GAI don't complain, and, on the contrary note that from their party of violations least of all, after all there, generally at a wheel elderly people who go on rest.

… When we came back from Odessa, we were stopped by GAI post - as it appeared, that we exceeded speed on 14 km.

The employee of GAI made the protocol and asked to be more careful. In conversation he noted that recently drivers became more disciplined. But I didn't want to tell anything more and, probably, for fun, I told: "Ourselves can interview you, only on our camera". It is interesting, what at Odessa "road militiamen" in cars there are cameras? Directly America any …

… By the way, we managed to communicate to two drivers of trucks working in the Odessa firms on a cargo transportation. Sergey and Oleg told that 10 years go on this route. On their supervision, in recent years the transport stream very strongly increased.So, in 5 years only in their firms the number of trucks grew by 4 times.

Professional drivers paid our attention to such fact: on steep slopes when their trucks move very slowly, at many drivers of "cars" simply don't maintain nerves - they, having passed any time "in a wake" trucks, suddenly sharply go for overtaking, at all without having estimated a situation. And it besides that on a steep slope moreover behind huge truck, they are in conditions of limited visibility and don't imagine who and at what speed can rush them towards from the opposite side of a hillock.

Oleg and Sergey consider that at least on sites of cool descents - liftings it is necessary to broaden the route to two strips in each direction. They admitted that quite often their trucks on 30 - 50%% overload, and then on a steep slope they go in general at a "turtle" speed. And, of course, other drivers doesn't arrange that they should "follow" some kilometers a chain of trucks …

… Recently in any automobile magazine wrote that to the Italian GAI officers on arms Ferrari cars that they could catch up with violators arrived. But, according to the staff of GAI who keep the watch on this site of the road, they do and without high-speed cars. Though cases when drivers don't stop on a staff wave enough. Only this year in the Nikolaev area more than 80 cases of non-obedience of drivers are recorded will stop on the requirement of staff of GAI. To chase violators on such roads as ours, very dangerously, it is possible to provoke accident easily. "We make the decision on a pursuit of the violator only as a last resort. We have on this site of the highway M-14 enough patrols therefore we simply give coordinates of the violator to the following post, and they always manage to understand. After all we first of all think of safety of others the participant of traffic", - the staff of GAI told.

Summarizing all above, it is possible to tell one: the authorities should be engaged in this route seriously. After all this direction is extremely popular: on this road tourists go on the resorts of the Black Sea; on it the big stream wishing to have a rest in the Crimea moves … And, unfortunately, the nonresident drivers not familiar with specifics of the road - with its cool turns, numerous descents and liftings - very often get to trouble. In management of GAI of the Nikolaev area recognize:while this site of the route won't be reconstructed, accidents on it don't become less. The road needs to appropriate 1-ю or the highest technical category, then it will be possible to broaden the carriageway. While width of each strip makes only 3,75 m, is useless to hope for decrease in level of accident rate - the number of cars from year to year only grows, and on the narrow road everything becomes closer and closer...


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