For days off the green zone in Levanevtsakh burned 3 times

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Within two days - on June 29 and 30 - in Levanevtsa's residential district there were three arsons in a green zone. On "strange" coincidence fires flashed on those sites on which three years in a row one civil engineering firm strenuously tries "to advance" construction of inhabited high-rise buildings.

To subdue fire, inhabitants of the residential district had to call twice firefighters, in the third case they managed to localize the center of ignition by own efforts.

- All these arsons aren't casual, - the chairman of committee of self-organization of the population "Levanevsky" Lidiya Shust speaks. - Inhabitants of the residential district are convinced: it is result of purposeful actions of those interested persons to whom is itching to catch delicious lands Levanevtsev under construction. Thank God, during the yesterday's fire the heating main located practically over a blazing site didn't suffer. And if fire from a grass shot up on trees, and then on the pipes wound by an insulating material, - that would be then?.

Besides, the women who were taking part in suppression of an above-mentioned fire, noted that the burning site was obviously watered with any chemical:

- We poured water on fire, but it didn't help - a flame взметалось over the wet earth, indifferently! And the smoke smell too was specific, not such, as when burning a usual grass or a tree.

In connection with all this the committee of self-organization of the population of the residential district "Levanevsky" held yesterday emergency meeting at which discussed current situation. As a result the management of committee decided to make inquiries to the mayor Vladimir Chaika, in public organization "Our City", administration of the Factory area, ecological inspection and law enforcement agencies.

- We also want to address to all inhabitants Levanevtsev with an appeal to show a civic courage and to protect a green zone of the residential district from encroachments of that pettiness, at whom neither shame, nor conscience behind soul. And that over green plantings of the residential district serious threat of destruction - out of any doubts hung, - Lidiya Shust declared.

By the way, the leader of fraction of Green Party Sergey Litvak invited to this meeting of committee, wasn't by fixed time. It, it is visible, simply I was upset, having learned that at this meeting there will be no TV men, but only the representative of the Nash Gorod newspaper.


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